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2 o's of master kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jaodog, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. picked this up for 310. what do you guys think? the picture doesn't really look like 2 but its a large freezer bag!

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  2. Close up please!
  3. 1/8thP for 310 sounds good :cool:

    Smoked any of it yet?
  4. Damn, looks dank. Get some close ups of the nugs?
  5. i will put up close ups when i get it... that's just a pic i got from the dude whose giving it to me. can't wait to smoke it.
  6. yumm looks mad good
  7. Those are some fat nugs.
  8. oh thats dank!

    2oz for $310?

    good deal!

    enjoy that shyt mayn.
  9. sick ziplock bag!!!
  10. where the hell do you live girl! Good deal... i cant even get that great of a deal here in Montana... i pay 400/2oz... or 480/2oz delivered (gotta love knowing very nice growers)
  11. That dude has one gay ass tattoo and needs to get rid of those nails REAL QUICK.
  12. Don't worry worry about the guy above me jaodog, i'd give you and that master kush some lovin' anytime!
  13. #13 thefour20man, Aug 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2011
    310 for 2 ounces... fuckin' A
  14. That isn't 2 pounds man

  15. hahaha omg i know my bad my bad i wasnt even thinking LOL i am a little toasted :cool:
  16. Ha I feel you man thankfully there's an edit button..

  17. lol yeah i used it
  18. yeah im getting it from a grower, and i think (hope) that is his gf's hand. im in nj and i should have it today so i can do some close ups and smoke this
  19. definitely looks like 2 o's considering those nugs are probably pretty dense considering its an indica dominant strain (or pure indica) not sure which but definitely an indica.

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