2 or 3 PVC for 40 site RDWC system?

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  1. Buildling a 40 site RDWC system and cant decide if 2" pvc is large enough or if i should plan on using 3".
    Current Cultures double barrel 32 site says it uses 2" unijoints but the pictures just dont look like 2 inch pipes.
    Is 3" too large? Obviously pump will be adjusted accordingly.

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    Bigger is better Im looking very hard at 4" myself.
  3. I would agree. I don't ever plan on having a 40 plant setup, but I feel in most situations, go with more than you need. It doesn't hurt to do so anyway, where to little can cause issues.
  4. I design systems for dispensary warehouse grows, and I'm constantly breaking big systems that don't work for a variety of reasons down into smaller ones that do. That advice is worth ten grand to the last outfit I spoke to.

    Twenty is an outside maximum, my preference is twelve. I do not truck with undercurrent; too expensive and they make you pay extra for stuff that isn't.

    You wanna go big? The new buzzwords are 'modular' and cellular'. Why? 'IPM'.
  5. I run 2" with no problems for the last few years. I am not running "undercurrent" though.. Mine is a top feed without passing through the grow media, I mainly do this for the waterfall type aeration it provides. With this type of system anything smaller then 1" causes problems in mid/late flower, due to the PVC being blocked by overgrowth.

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