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2 or 3 day t-break?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud&booty, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Hey so I'm about to finish up my second day of a short t-break. For the last few weeks I've been smoking every day, multiple times per day. My tolerance got way too high. I used to be able to take a few hits from a bong and be good, but recently its skin more like 1-2 full packs of the bong to get me there. So I was wondering if 2 days would be enough to get me back down to just needing a few hits, or if I should take third day?

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  2. The longer your break the higher the bake.
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  3. lol true. but the longer the break, the more will power it'll take

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  4. I think the first day is hardest, by day 4 it's easy peasy. But nice rhyme, anyway
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  5. Yeah during the school year, I can easily go a week or two without smoking, but when I'm home for summer break it's just harder cause I have so much more time and all my friends smoke

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  6. I'm wondering this too. I recently went a month without a break and my tolerance is at an all time high

    Tomorrow I begin my third day but idk if I have the willpower to continue. My break is supposed to be 6 days long =(

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  7. I recently went a month after smoking everyday for 10 years. I got High af after about 3 hits from a baby pre roll lol
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  8. I been smoking for a long time with very little breaks. With me it seems to work like this….(no matter if I take a break or not)
    I get the best high in the morning and from there I can either smoke through the down phase of the high all day and keep the same regular feeling or I can fight through the sleep not smoke and get another feeling altering high after around five hours or so.
    It also helps a lot to keep a couple different varieties around. Oh and hash and wax to mix in at times. Good luck on your break
  9. I just went a month of daily 25mg without a break.

    >On Monday I took 10mg and felt the weakest buzz that lasted for 30min

    >took 2 days off (Tuesday n wensdday)

    >Thursday (yesterday) I took 10mg and reached a very enjoyable high, about a [7] that lasted for about 2 hours along with a nice afterglow that lasted for another few hours

    So to answer the OP question, yes 2 days will do wonders. But I bet 3 days would of been even better. im taking another 2 days off and Sunday I will take another 10mg and compare it to Thursdays high.

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  10. I think you said in a thread you've been smoking close to 2 years now? After 20 years of smoking I've found even after cutting back the last 2 years i still need quite a bit to get the buzz i like (I smoke 2 nights a week now and smoke 2.5gs each night)
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  11. I consider myself lucky. I've been vaping for pain since 07 and still get a nice high from 1 hit. I only missed two separate days total during that stretch.
  12. my first time was on June 2, 2020 I believe. Definitely the first week of june that year. I've still never smoked though, always edibles/oils.

    When you first smoked did you always require high amounts of green to get high? It's sucks that even just 2 nights a week has your tolerance way up there.

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  13. I got on various amounts of breaks and various lengths all the time. I think its nice to do. Its amazing how stoned you can get off a ONI and don't need to smoke a full bowl joint or blunt. Specially with the good shit you can get now a days.
  14. When I started I was smoking 2 bowls each session, And I'd have 2-3 sessions a day (morning, afternoon and night) but I abused my tolerance after that and it never reset.

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