2 Of my ladies died

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hippie john, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. i checked on my 4 ladies today and 2 were horibly dead! i Told THC of the deaths and we're having a funeral in their honor. i am mourning greatly over this tradgic loss. critter losing has mourned the loss of his late mother, and i must mourn the loss of two daughters. they're innocense, they're werent even moms yet. i'm sure they would greatly appresiate a digital flower on theyre grave. they will be buried at exactly midnight tommorow night with a 21-shots salute. i'm hoping that this gift from their mothers will help drown the pain into a massage. thank you.

    I LOVE YOU...

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  2. thank you very much. it means masses to me.
    i will cremate them and put them in a sealed jar with the roach of the very first homegrown joint i rolled. i cant even explain the pain i feel. i cant take anymore death, or i will too.
  3. two months this wednesday:(
  4. they're two sisters will fight harder for the cause:'(
  5. sad loss an all that john, id do a post mortom tho b4 u burn em, u dont want the other 2 going the same way just yet.
  6. Make hash out of em, im sured they'd be happier that way
  7. Hang in there, Brother Grower, you are not alone.

    Don't just think of them as gone.
    Know in your heart they are martyrs, fallen in the Peaceful Overgrow Action.
    We raise them from seed, nurture them with love, encourage them with our own blood, sweat, and tears. Investing dollars, labor, and emotions of pride and fear in the hope of bringing them to the peak of potential. You wonder "*#*WHY???" as you face a sense of failure. You feel a great vacancy in your life. You feel cheated. Yet guilt tortures you with the "if only!s". [Don't even think of how the other kids must be feeling. They had to watch and listen while their sisters weakened, suffered, and died. But we won't go there...] Be good to them, gentle and kind, they are not to blame for being among the survivors. It means they are special, genetic toughies, and I hope you'll clone them in the memory of fallen sisters everywhere.
    Did the earth girl get here too late for the beer?{8^D
  8. sorry for your loss...i went after i read about it and poured a lil beer (amberboch) in their honor...

  9. if only i had planted them in bigger pots:(
  10. Earth girl has always said "It's all part of the adventure!"

  11. you cant live in the past my freind, focus on the good things.

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