2 nights; 2 cop encounters

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. goddamnit,

    these fucking pigs just won't leave me alone. the past two nites i've had to deal with these mofos

    night 1:
    it's around 9:30pm. dealer calls and asks if i want anything. i request a dub and he says to meet at a shopping center. we meet do transaction and leave separate ways. i pull out of the back of the shopping center onto a road in this black neighborhood.

    i drive a 2000 mit. eclipse gt which gets a little attn in low income areas, not to mention that i'm white. so anyway, i pull up to this stop light that's yellow and contemplate whether to stop for it or speed thru it as i approach. i decide to stop. i look in my rearview mirror and am glad i stopped because there was a patrol car next to me. once the light turns green i start off.

    i'm watching my speed very carefully and watching the cop follow me in my rearview mirror. all of a sudden i see the dreaded blue lights come on so i immediately pull over. next i remove the weed from my pocket and tuck it into the front of my pants. (this way: he searches car he won't find anything and if he searches me [going thru pockets/pat down] he probably wont find it them either)

    i'm thinking to myself, "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

    i played it safe: cut engine/stereo off, turned on dome light, let down windows, and kept my hands on the wheel.

    popo approaches, and asks for license/regis. i ask permission to reach for my wallet (dl) and the glove compartment (regis). he said he pulled me over because my plate came back to a jeep. i knew it was my plate and was wondering why he was bs'ing me so i just kept cool. he took the info and went to his car and after about 5 mins he came back and gave me back me stuff and apologized claiming there was a glitch w/his computer in his car. told me to have a good night.

    night 2

    i went to pick up some weed from another guy. he lives in a rather seedy hood. he stays in some appts in the area. the appt parking lots always have at least one cop there 24/7 (yes, even at 2 am). so anyway, i had picked my friend up earlier so we could go get the weed and at like 2:30am i was dropping him off. so we pull into the parking lot and i park. we were sitting chilling for a minute listening to the stereo. he says to me that there is a detective (unmarked crusier) circling the lot about to come by us (we are the only occupied car out there). i notice the car slows down when he gets to us. the car then pulls into the space next to us and he rolls down his window and shines his flashlight in my car. i roll down the window and ask him what the problem is. he says, "you can't sit in your car in this parking lot. you need to go inside or leave!" and i was like "yo pig, this is a free fucking country and you can tell me what to do you cocksucking piece of shit" (on the inside). so i just said, "yes sir officer, i'm on my way." i know i didn't get in trouble either time but still cops are a pia.
  2. Sigh cops ;( least u were never busted
  3. Lol, in HS a friend of mine was busted by an undercover for smoking a cigarrete, pfff, great to see what our tax money goes to.
  4. lame... some cops are dicks......some aren't gotta deal with it..
  5. haha that's too funny. too bad you didn't really say it!!!
  6. pretty luck id say
  7. you did all the right stuff until there, you should have asked him what the problem was, and kept your window cracked, not all the way down (this part i took from a video)...anyway the high window keeps him from leaning in and sticking his head in/around (if he gets the slightest wiff of anything, it's on).... you did well by asking about your wallet... and (in IN anyway) it's illegal for them to run your plates for no reason, he can't just follow people on the road and run their plates to see what's up... you made smart moves to get out of the situation... but if you ever start getting pushed, you'll need to be able to stiffin up, the approach you took was very soft and he could have started to bully you, ya know?
  8. My thoughts exactly. Try telling the truth next time, quit trying to make us impressed, it's an internet forum.

  9. ZING!!!
  10. He didn't say it. How said he didn't say it. How is he showing off on an online forum?
  11. My bad, I didn't read it through.

  12. i know this is going to sound stupid but can't we write to our local police departments or something and complain about them wasting their efforts on such trivial shit.

    I had a somewhat similar encounter with the cops recently too. I was just chilling in a parking lot, smoking a cigar clearin' my head and had 2 cop cars come speeding up to where i was and they started asking me if i was smoking drugs and shit. Completely unnecessary and pointless. What ever happened to "protect and serve"?

  13. that was just a front
  14. As far as i'm concerned, they're out of their own jurisdiction now....

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