2 new bowls. Check this shit out!

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  1. I just bought 2 new pieces today. Tell me what you think?!

    The first one is a dragon i think.


    The second one is a basic bowl, but it is frostyyy!:hello:

  2. very nice :) i have a cobra one that looks a bit like your dragon, style wise
  3. That dragon one reminds me of my friends bubbler. It's a huge, trombone shaped bubbler with dragonish features. I like the second piece also. Looks like some classic, sherlock holmes shit.
  4. 2nd one looks simple yet cool
  5. the first one is cool but weird, the second one kicks balls. Enough said.
  6. damn i really like thAT FROSTY ONE
  7. good stuff man, i like the classic shape of the frosty one,
  8. yeah the frosted one definitely wins. I'm NEVER one to hit a dry bowl, but I would definitely smoke that just for its looks :)

    I only smoke blunts or through water (bub, bong)

    But nice pieces though mang
  9. Kicks balls? is that a good or bad thing?:confused:

  10. You don't know the lingo? Jumps turtle nads!
  11. Lol^^^ Yeah though, kicking balls is a good thing.
  12. Gotta live a glass work frosty!
  13. Tubular!!
  14. i'd hit that!

  15. Definitely feelin' that first piece. I'd puff the magic dragon.
  16. 2nd one is bomb, nice pick!
  17. lol that second piece looks like a worm. Name it WORM.
  18. looks like 2 people can smoke outta the first one. thatd be kool with a girl but thats a lil to close to a guys lips 4 me lol
  19. niceeee nug to top it off :D +rep

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