2 movies you have to see.

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  1. Alright 1 of these movies is a documentary and the other is more like im not sure but there both about weed. And there both on netflix.

    The documentary is called - The Union

    And the other one is called Grow Op, its about a kids family that has a massive indoor farm. Very interesting..
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    The Union looks siiiick man - nice find. :}
  3. Who the fuck hasn't seen te union? Your on a stoner forum....
  4. Grow Op was soooo slow I tried to watch it and just couldn't... I dunno, does it get better after the first 45 minutes?
    I liked Humboldt County a lot more.

  5. yeah it is pretty slow, but trust me its a good movie pretty funny too.

  6. Its a stoner must see..

  7. nooo proob;)
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    Grow op was a awesome movie, I didn't see that ending coming! The Union-classic

  9. I didnt either, but the paint was very odd to me.
  10. The Union is definitively a stoner must see.
  11. You guys have to watch "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer".

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