2 More Reasons Why I Piss In The Backyard!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. i just noticed my toilet needed cleaning again,,,i got a fine ass female coming over this weekend so im getting the place straight,,,

    i rarely use this toilet,,, and when i shit in it, it's immediatly flushed,,,

    and as dry as fla. has been lately,, the trees look forward to me pissin on them.....

    and yet here i am again pourin bleach in this toilet water,, and getting my toilet brush out,,, too scrub my old friends back///////

    and it aint from hard water,, i got a well, and the florida aquifer is spring water,,, the same shit you pay 1.39$ for out of a stores cooler....

    is this toilet trying to tell me something,,, maybe it's getting upset that i pay so much attention to the trees,,,, pissin on them and all that ?

    whats your thoughts on this topic.? does your toilet require constant scrubbing.?:rolleyes::p
  2. I flush my cat's poop down the toilet after he shits in the litterbox, because, like come on, it's easier then getting a bag and scooping it out and all that shit.
  3. I got one of those clorox cleaners on the side of the toilet... But Ive noticed shit is getting messier now that I dont have anyone to clean up after me. :(
  4. exactly... im doing the cleaning myself now,,,, maybe im just more alert to the mess now than i was before,?

    i need to charge for my ''laying'' services,? i'll give you a good time the night, but the day after ,,ya got to clean my house,,,,,:cool:

    and some of these chicks get a little special attention,!!!! maybe i can barter a ''mow the grass also clause in there ?''

    shit im not right today,,,, havent took my meds,,,:cool:

  5. Ha, I never thought of that, but I wonder if that would cause any problems in my septic tank. I'm not going to try it. I'm terrified of overflowing toilets.

    My nails and my toilet are two things that never seem to stay clean no matter how often I scrub them. Not sure why :confused_2:
  6. I love pissing all over the town.
    It's a good feeling to be a man and to let loose the juice!
  7. amen brother,,, im like a dog,,, my scents everywhere !!!!!:D
  8. I never piss in the toilet. I got dead spots all over my back lawn. It just feels so.............. Liberating to piss outside. I might start shittin out there too
  9. i had the cops called on me for urinating in public saturday, fuckin crime stoppers

  10. Thats why you dont do that in other peoples front yards, geez.

    Chicken, you need to have some banjo music playin all the damn time around you dude.
  11. My room has a bathroom in it so yeah i try to keep my toilet as clean as possible. ESp when my lady comes thru i try ti have it nice. I could careless. My girl appreciates it tho but fuck were going thru some bs right now like usual. i clicked on her ass a couple mins ago, didnt wana hear it. GET RIPPED CHICKEN haha man sometimes i wish we all lived as close as neighbors, thatd be the shit =] stay high:smoke:
  12. My urine loves the back yard
  13. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! :laughing:
  14. Haha you just made my day man.
  15. oh show me a man who dont enjoy and relish drainin the main vain outside? cant stand shittin out there tho.
  16. Yes, the bathroom is a defecation sanctuary. :hello:
  17. just piss in the sink. Well, you kind of need to clean that, too...
  18. Once a week the bathroom gets cleaned.

    The more you clean it the quicker the cleaning goes.
  19. my toilet upstairs overflowed and fucked up the whole ceiling on the first floor. It's taken 4 DAYS before a plumber can get out here to fix it (he's coming tomorrow).

    Anyway, my parents potty trained me in a kickass way. The story is as follows.

    Me, toddler style:
    "Ma! Ma ma ma ma ma....PEE!!!!"

    ''Okay honey! Take off your clothes and go find a spot in the backyard!"

    That's how my parents pottytrained me. It worked out okay. Running around the back yard naked in a rural wooded community and pooping and peeing on nature is where it's at.

    It also led to me peeing on the floor once, before I realized that the bathroom is my only alternative when I had to go to the bathroom.
  20. Straight G right there.

    EDIT - This is one of the best threads I have ever witnessed.

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