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  1. Okay so many of you kno i went to court yesterday and the rest of that story. Now........after i got out of court i went to pick up some grass about 2 miles down the road. Ehen I'm on my way home i get pulled over, and charged with driving without a license and possession of less thena half ounce (the only thing they found were 2 roaches in the ashtray) now my question is, the searched my car wihtout asking me if i minded or asking any permisson at all so is this considtered and illegal search? Also the cop just put the roaches in his pocket....thanks
  2. good job being a dumbass. congrats.

    After I get out of court for related charges I go to get grass and ride in a dirty whip w/o a license........ fucking driving witha license is fucking inevietable if they run your license and your the person registered to it or w/e.

    but wtf bro roaches in the whip. really fucking bright.

    We are a Sub-culture, society doesn't except what we do so that means??? dont be so blatantly obvious. Simple as that.

  3. it wasn't a dirty whip, its MY car, it has tags and insurence on it. The roaches were in the whip cuhz i juss got threw blowin 2 J's and my boy put them in the ashtray. But that still doesn't answer my question dont come on my thread and flame me i wanted for information on this.~1~
  4. your smoking J's with your boy and you leave J's in the ashtray.

    that is a dirty fucking whip. not dirty as in stolen. Dirty as in fucking illegal substance laying around.

    Come on bro, you cant just do what you want on public streets. This shit should be in newbie section seriously, because none of you kids last long enough.

    Think about it your not even pushing weight and your getting busted.. how fucking stupid does that sound.
  5. You just finished, the roaches were in the ashtray, what do you think happened? He probably smelled the smallest bit of weed in your car and possibly saw the roaches. At that point, he needs no consent to search your car. The roaches in the pocket is probably nothing, I doubt they're bagging and tagging some roaches to pull out in court later.
  6. Amazing...you JUST had gotten out of court and STILL didn't learn! :rolleyes:
  7. You fucked up dude. It doesn't matter if the cops search is illegal or not, since you had marijuana RIGHT after the last incident, they will NOT be lenient.

    You basically just shit in the face of the police. And thats how they will look at it.
    They probably think you think the laws are a joke and that you are above them.

    I am so sorry this happened to you dude... I can only imagine the stress your under, I hope you find a way out of it or find a way to cope with it. Good luck dude.

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