2 months+ into my latest T-brake...and I'm not worried...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by charger07, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. ...or anxious...or getting really worked up about not having anything blazable.

    Work's been going great (& very busy, with a deadline schedule moved up a week to cover the time over the Christmas/New Year's holidays that our offices will be closed.) With a job that I love doing, it doesn't feel like work at all...just what I'd be doin' in life anyway!

    Haven't heard back from the folks around here who said they might be able to find something for me, but I figure they've got plenty going on ...& they'll get back to me when they can. (Anyone else around here who's "anywhere," per the old viper's term from back in the days of "Mezz" Mezzrow, pls pm me.)

    So, the new glass I scored a few weeks back is staying in its bubblewrap until there's something for it. It'll just have to stay new that much longer!
  2. Good job on the long T-break mate :)
    It's always nice to have a T-break.
  3. Good job man. I am 6 months in right now And I want to smoke so bad. Just gotta keep busy.
  4. Nice job making that far along into a break man and its pronounced T-Break.
  5. Just letting you know, a 2 month TB is no different than a 2 year TB.
  6. I'm two weeks into my T-break right now. Was going to smoke tonight, but my bro *cough* I mean my guy isn't in town right now. Thinking about searching his room for some bud though and droppin a 10 on his desk...mmm brb.
  7. 20 days in on a t-break till 4/20
    not too hard... Yet...
    I have glass and some fresh cut bud available to me at all times, but I'm fighting temptation. Let's see how long I last
  8. BRUH SAME HERE, about 2 months into my t break

    I dont even crave it.

    I know that I could smoke tomorrow though and be fucked up x1000
  9. Thanks for the good words....keeping busy is the biggest help...that and not having a local connect (If I have to wait until next June again, so be it!)

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