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Discussion in 'General' started by Bigjoshman, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've posted here. I've gone 44 days without marijuana. I took a break to pass a drug test. Turned out they were interested at Hilton hotels, but not in a full time student so I missed out on that job. I just got a job at a local ice cream place. But my girlfriend is still going to the job fair at Hilton since she doesn't go to college. So in a week from Monday hopefully I'll be able to celebrate with her. I'm pretty stoked. Does 2 months really slow tolerance build up?

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  2. Well If weed is out of your system then of course you probably wont have such a strong tolerance, but that's just for a month. Since you went 44 days without any THC in your body( good job btw) your lungs should be fresh as a Colorado air. Just don't rush right into smoking by downing 8 blunts and 14 bowls, and your tolerance should build up nice and slow.
  3. Haha nah most I've ever done is probably 2 bowls at a time. I can't wait it's been harder lately but it's gonna be so worth it. I've been dieting now because it's easier when I don't have the munchies to lose weight. Should be down 10 pounds by time I smoke again. That way I cut fat. And after a massive munchies session when I do smoke I won't feel too bad. I've been cutting 10 pounds and building some muscle with 10 back it's been working pretty well definitely stronger at a lower weight.

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  4. Might treat myself to a new bubbler since I don't have one. Or maybe a new bowl for my welcome back toke

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  5. I do the same thing. If i don't workout the day before or even right before a good smoke session, Ill feel like a big ol blob since i have horrible munchies.
  6. My opinion .. Don't do it Op .. $tay Clean & $ober .. You should give yourself more time that way the welcome back would be an epic one in the end .. Just my two cents ..

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