2 month old plant is smelling like skunk

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    But it only has 2 leaf sets. I started it around march 26, and its still kind of small. But when you put your nose to it, it smells like bud. So, is this a confirmation that its a feamale... or do male plants also smell like bud? I also have another plant that I need to check on, its about 2 weeks older than this one.


    Edit: I am LST'ing this plant. If you look closely in the middle picture, you can see how the plant is growing toward the sides of the bucket... Its from holding it down with a v shaped stick. I would love to make a grow journal but Im not sure where to start or how to go about it... You guy think I should start a journal?
  2. no not a sign but if its a female and you think it smells like bud now,just wait till buds develop.
    And you say 2 months old , or do u mean 2 weeks old?

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