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  1. Any ideas on why so many leaves are dying so early? I've got few grows in and I know towards the end some leaves start to die but I've never had it happen so soon. The seeds and clones stayed under 24hr light high humidity for a month, then now have been in veg for a month. Growing under a Mars 300, with two supplemental 25w LEDs. Nutes: miracle grow one time(the dying leaves started before that). Medium: generic organic bag soil....... Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time.... IMG_20180828_091624.jpg IMG_20180828_091604.jpg IMG_20180828_091535.jpg IMG_20180828_091507.jpg IMG_20180828_091438.jpg IMG_20180828_091442.jpg IMG_20180828_091414.jpg IMG_20180828_091357.jpg IMG_20180828_091407.jpg IMG_20180828_091353.jpg IMG_20180828_091452.jpg

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  2. You still shouldn't have feed them as that soil probably has slow release stuff in it. I can see those slow release beads glowing in the light. Anyway... I would just stay with using water and a cal / mag supplement for while longer. Yeah, if you planned on vegging them for a month longer, I still would not go feeding them until the second week of flower. And if you are wondering why I say that, its because even the new growth shows fan leaf tip burning everywhere. But seriously, if it was me, they would get pulled, then I would gently free as much soil as I could from the roots, using running water, and then finally re-pot them with a better soil mix.
  3. dirt also looks really wet. if you just watered no biggie...they like to dry out...
  4. Thanks guys for the quick response! I've been told all along that the soil I use has slow release nutes, but until now I haven't had a problem.... I will go ahead and flush them.... And get a cal/mag supplement....... Yeah they were just recently watered in those pics, over watering is definitely not an issue lol.... I follow the "dry soil an inch down" faithfully, if not more.

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  5. majority of the soil should be dry. pot should be light as a feather...
  6. Just a heads up flushing slow release soil doesnt do anything but release more nutrients. It's slow release because of the nutrient beads in the soil and anytime you water nutrients get released so if you flush you're just releasing more nutrients. My best advice since I've been in slow release before is transplant to a better soil and like stated wash off what you can from the roots/soil. Then dont feed until mid flower
  7. It's hard to be sure without full colour photos, but it looks like you were under dosing for a bit and then bumped up the nutrient content too suddenly /too high.

    I would make up a low nutrient solution and rinse out the soil with it. That should correct the problem

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