2 Monster-crops and 3 bag seeds

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  1. Any ideas on why so many leaves are dying so early? I've got few grows in and I know towards the end some leaves start to die but I've never had it happen so soon. The seeds and clones stayed under 24hr light high humidity for a month, then now have been in veg for a month. Growing under a Mars 300, with two supplemental 25w LEDs. Nutes: miracle grow one time(the dying leaves started before that). Medium: generic organic bag soil....... Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time.... IMG_20180828_091353.jpg IMG_20180828_091357.jpg IMG_20180828_091403.jpg IMG_20180828_091407.jpg IMG_20180828_091411.jpg IMG_20180828_091414.jpg IMG_20180828_091419.jpg IMG_20180828_091424.jpg IMG_20180828_091436.jpg IMG_20180828_091438.jpg IMG_20180828_091442.jpg IMG_20180828_091452.jpg IMG_20180828_091459.jpg IMG_20180828_091507.jpg IMG_20180828_091507.jpg IMG_20180828_091514.jpg IMG_20180828_091525.jpg IMG_20180828_091535.jpg IMG_20180828_091604.jpg IMG_20180828_091624.jpg

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