2 Moldy White Rhino nugs..HELP A BROTHA OUT

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by illadelph420, May 22, 2010.

  1. Alright guys, so after months of hard work and anticipation.. I harvested my three white rhino plants. After drying and curing for a month now, I look in one of the jars too see 2 single nugs with very slight cobweb like mold on it. the other nugs in the jar look fine, and id hate to throw away 16 gs of this gorgeous crop. are the rest of the seemingly untouched nugs fine to smoke? or would it still be ill advised? I just got done carefully inspecting all the nugs for 2 hours and plucked off anything white or shady looking.

    and if i am convinced not to smoke the beautiful little guys, would it be safe to make brownies with? it would really be a shame to see my first grow go to waste where i cant even smoke it . for now i put the "unaffected" nugs in another jar with some rice to absorb the moisture, and i plan on checking up on it throughout the week and i plan on pitching :( :mad: the rest of it if there are any other signs of mold.
  2. i wouldnt smoke it or make brownies. what i would do is make quiso. the alcohol will kill any mold on there. or maybe BHO but idk if the butane would kill the mold.
  3. Do an isopropyl alcohol hash extraction, then use that hash for whatever you want. The isopropyl will kill the shit out of anything on the bud and then evaporate off when you make hash.

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