2 Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron In A Lake

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  1. dude drives a god damn bugatti into a fuckin lake, i still cant figure out how it ended up in there :confused_2:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NJmB1F2mdE]YouTube - Bugatti Veyron Lake Crash-- Original Video- 1st hand account[/ame]
  2. What the fu....

    It's either Jay Leno having fun on a day off..


    The driver took a nap driving?
  3. haha "oh shiiit, oh shiiiit." What a fool.
  4. Guy 1- "what is it"
    Guy 2- "pretty sure it's a lambo dude"
    LMFAO where have you ever seen a lambo like that??

  5. lol dude was like "yea man thats gonna be mine"

    but he doesnt even kno wat it is
  6. i'd imagine he just took his hands off the wheel.. torque steer
  7. Old news let me educate yall:

    Homeboy in the veyron claimed a bird flew in front of the car and caused him to drop his phone so he crashed into the water.

    After he hit the water though, he left the engine on which pulls in water and absolutely destroys it instead of switching it off immediately. Now you may say the ordinary person wouldn't know to turn the car off to protect it. Fair Enough, but he owns an autorepair business. And more importantly, he repairs cars for insurance companies, not private persons.

    So basically he decided to fuck up his car to overestimate the damage of repair and then repair it on the low at his own spot, or at least thats how I remember it going down. There may be some minor details that I blurred a lil bit, but thats at least the gist of what happened. He was just trying to cheat his way to a paycheck.
  8. the wrong way...
  9. They actually cost 5 million for the factory to produce, and were sold at a loss for promotional reasons.

    The dude that crashed that is a fucking scammer.

    He owns a repair shop, he can now say hes repaired a vayron, and it ws all paid for by insurance.
  10. WTF? was the dude sleeping or what? How sad...
  11. nice place to leave you veyron

  12. 5 million? I doubt it. They sell that for a mill, right? $4 million loss?

    I was watching a documentary on it, and they said VW made it to showcase they have the greatest engineers in the world. They make it for $1.8m, and subsidized it so it could be sold at $1m.
  13. After the release of the car, it has been reported that while each Veyron is being sold for £840,000, the production costs of the car are approximately £5 million per vehicle. This is not the price to produce one vehicle, but rather the cost of the entire Veyron project divided by the number of vehicles produced at that time.

    Sorry, was alittle off. It was 5million pounds, not dollars, and factors in the cost of the research aswell, which I'm sure the company will be using on future models of more "common" cars.
  14. it wouldnt be torque steer its all wheel drive and has elctronic steering this is an old stroy he said that hew was distracted by a pelican and thats a slatwater inlet not just a lake
  15. Hahahahahahha
  16. "Pretty sure it's a Lambo dude."

    What a fucking idiot. Should have just blanked that part out.

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