2 Live Crew is staying at the hotel where i work

Discussion in 'General' started by ipack, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. So... The hotel that I work for is primarily a business hotel, we are sold out monday through thursday... I look forward to working fridays because it's chill, I'm by myself, I can go in the back and smoke up, and it's a good chance to relax and surf the net, listen to music, etc...

    so i came in today, and I got the word that 2 Live Crew (ya either know who they are, or you're not old enough to remember) is staying in our hotel because they're doing a show at a club here..

    It gets better

    I was doing a security walk around, and as soon as i got to the hallway they were staying on, the smell of sweet MJ hit me..

    I just smiled :smoke:

    kinda one of those odd things that don't happen very often
  2. haha nice man. itd be cool if you were able to chop it up with em and maybe hit a blunt haha. that would be cool. :smoke:
  3. 2 live crew makes some funny music. That would have been sick if you met them, or smoked with them.

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