2-Liter Vs. 3-Liter Vs. Solo Cup Vs. 1 Gallon Smart Pots for 2x2 S.O.G.

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  1. So I'm trying to fit as many plants into my 2x2 space as possible, using two 1'x2' trays that rest above a water reservoir. I'm trying to do a perpetual S.O.G.

    I'm thinking about using the 3-liter bottles they sell cheap cola in, cutting the top and doing a Hempy grow. Has anyone experimented like this before and know the results?

    Also, I have never grown hempy style before. Would you recommend this over soil and/or coco?


    - Zack :metal:
  2. Landscaping fabric or old carpet can substitute for fabric material over a fabric pot. You can cut and stitch the fabric into a pot type shape with fishing line and a sewing needle.

    I've seen hempy grown with perlite and coco. I wouldn't use soil. Use a hydro medium since you're hydro feeding. They have superior drainage for rapid feed rates. I like a mix of promix and perlite about 85/15% for my overflow plants. I feed them with the same nutrient mix my DWC plants get.
  3. There's some hempy style growers at GC. They use buckets. If you use a clear material you'll have to shield it from light penetration to the root zone. IMO just grow DWC or straight promix/perlite, coco. It's pretty simple.
  4. 4" rockwool cubes and fill the tray with hydroton. Do a flood and drain. It's a better hydro method for sea of green. Are you trying to avoid pumps? The problem with hempy is you'll have to change the water so often. It's daily maintainence.

    I've been told with the shortest veg possible you can get 4 plants per square foot. If you veg a little longer with a topping 2 per square is better.
  5. Fabric shopping bags work great too.
  6. I just had a crazy idea. Why not put about 20-30 2" net pots in the lid of a black 2' container that just about fills your space and do DWC sea of green. All you would need is an air pump for the res. I've never seen DWC SOG but I knew that I couldn't be the first one thinking of it so I googled.
    Dwc Sea Of Green?

    Seems easier to me then hempy method. I guess you do need more headroom for the res.

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