2 Liter Bottle Hydro Setup?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by IGotLuv4Bud, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I see this hydro setup that's home made with pvc pipe and 2 liter bottles... I was wondering how they work and if anyone had a diagram to build one...
  2. i dont personally have the knowledge you seek, but i do remember reading countless articles about it in high times printed in the early to mid 90's. hate that's not much help, hopefully better than no response at all...
  3. lol, thanks Kirara... I know everyone else has seen them... I too saw them in High Times, but there was no info on it, just a pic... And I don't know what it's called so I can't look it up... Someone has to have some info on it...
  4. It was Called "Pot for Pennies" :cool:
  5. I know this is a old thread but I had this setup a few years ago and it did a real good job. I'm now putting it back together. I have the plans and part list I can try and e-mail them to you if you would like.You can adjust
    the layout to fit what ever size you need.
  6. i would like these plans also :D

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