2 lights or one?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cyproz, May 26, 2009.

  1. hey so my next grow i want at least 1000 watts of power. i was wondering which would be better, buying a 600 watt and a 400 watt or just buying a 1000 watt. i figured if i had 2 lights it would like i was running 2 items like a TV and computer because i could plug them into different outlets. i was also wondering which brand of HPS/MH from High Tech Garden Supply would be the best
  2. Two lights would be beneficial because you could cover more ground, how many plants do you expect to grow?
  3. well i have a whole room to use for growing so i planned to buy the largest tent i could find which is probably like a 6'x6'x7', so i figured i would grow about 12 plants in there under 1000watts. i choose 12 because i want 4 plants of each type, 100% sativa, 100% indica, and 50/50 sativa/indica. i would do more if you guys think i could do more under that light but i thought 12 under 1000 watts is close enough to 100 watts per plant. I plan to do soil again because i trust my abilities in soil over hydro. i have the fox farm ferts and micronutes. i am going for quality mostly and i would like to get more then an ounce per plant.
  4. I read somewhere, can't remember where, that 2 400watt HID lights are more effective then 1 1000watt HID light. Its going to cost more for 2 lights then one, but if you got the cash I say go for it.
  5. cash isnt a problem, i have been saving and im not starting this grow till i move in like 3 months so im gonna keep saving until i get how ever much i need to start. but wouldnt a 600 watt HID and 400 watt HID be more effective then 2 400 watt HIDs?
  6. More light + warmth the better, but! Since in indoor growing you want to mimick outdoor growing, one light is preffered(since the sun is the only light source outside). Having more then one light can cause problems because your plants will grow towards the light source. So if one light is closer then the other it will grow in that direction.
  7. ok, yea and i looked it up and a 600 watt +400 watt = 150,000 lumens and a 1000 watt has 150,000 lumens. now whats the difference between digital ballast and regular? i have an agrostar 250 watt regular ballast. would it be in my favor to buy a digital 1000 watt or does it not matter that much?
  8. Yes it would. But Im trying to show that 2 400w light fixtures, which is equal to 800w, is better then a 1000w, while falling short by 200w.
  9. With 2 lamps you'd have a bigger light footprint as stated before. I don't think it will make a difference as far as plugging them into to different sockets. The electric company wouldn't be able to tell a difference. If you look up wattages of common household items, 1000w isn't really jack. Even my computer has an 850w power supply.

    I don't know about HTG's more expensive kits, but I used the basic HPS system with no problems.
  10. ok so if it doesnt matter about the sockets i think im gonna get a digital 1000watt with one of those circular hoods. i heard the digital runs quieter and less heat.
  11. One 400w HPS is rated at about 50,000 lumens, so two of those gives you 100,000 lumens.

    One 1,000w HPS is rated in the range of 140,000-150,000 lumens.

    So why do you think two 400w is better than one 1kw?

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