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2 Kinds of Purple Bud and Bubblehash with Reviews - Nova Scotia, Canada -

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by momoiverson, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hey Gcity, been a while since I have made a post. Have some nice stuff to share today though. So I guess we will start with the hash:

    Bubba Kush Bubblehash

    One thing I rarely get around here is good hash. This is definitely amongst some of the best bubble hash I have tried. Smell is really quite strong and smells earthy, spicy, and you can definitely smell the kush profiles as well. This translates well into the flavor, providing a smooth and hashy hit. This is definitely indica dominant but it hits me hard in the face even after just a small rip, often inducing the old head sweats when I dip in on some larger hits. Definitely happy with this stuff. Legit got it online through a MOM site in BC that has been around forever and I just decided trying; only got a gram with the first test order here. Package showed up on Friday, yay.

    Purple White Lightning- Purple Skunk x Hashplant
    Also got this from the same site online via mail order for my first time test purchase. Grabbed a quarter bag and the only downside to the bud is that they were flattened due to vacuum seal but have puffed well in the jars. This was organically grown and it has an absolutely strong, dank, exotic smell. I would describe it as a sweet lavender smell with some strong skunky profiles mixed in. It is super frosty and has some real nice dark purple spots. This is definitely some top shelf, well grown bud. The best thing is how unique of a strain it is. The high starts strong in the face (sometimes causing head sweat haha). The high falls down from your eyes into your body, bud the head buzz remains. Definitely a really great high; indica dominate, but a nice hybrid that doesn't burn you out.

    Purple Master Kush

    This was some stuff I got from my favorite and most reliable dealer. This is some AAA Kush. Probably some of the best kush I have smoked and it seems like I haven't been smoking anything but kush for the last few months. It is super frosty with light purple spots throughout. The bud is dense but still very fluffy in a sense (scissors are not needed to break buds apart for example). The calyxes seem to perfectly fall off each bud when packing a bowl. The smell is very, very kushy. There is a nice coffee/cocoa like profile in the smell with a bit of sweetness which is coming from the purple genetics, I assume. It is super smooth and the taste again is extremely kushy and much like the smell. The high is strong and can definitely couch lock you during the evening or if you are just tired in general. I can function on it myself just because I love indicas and smoke them daily (morning and night). Grabbed a half oz of this for $120.

    Pictures: First 2 are hash; next 3 are Purple White Lightning, and last 3 are the Purple Master.

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  2. looks bomb bro, happy tokin'
  3. Purp looks fantastic. Smoke up
  4. Looks dank man! Good to see another fellow Canadian blade on here! :smoke::smoke:

    What did that bubble-hash and bud cost ya man?

    Great pictures also!! :smoke: ++ REP!
  5. Just because I got it online, the bud and hash ran more expensive; the bud was like 70 a quarter (10 straight), and the hash was like 30 for a single gram, with slightly better deals the higher you go up; they also had pressed Bubba Kush, Master Kush, Purple Kush, and Shishkaberry (BlueberryxAfghani) bubblehash. The site I used is BC based and has literally been around for years and reviewed in multiple cannabis magazines (legit MOM source). I have access to good bud normally (for example, that AAA kush ran me 120/half where I got it around here), but I could definitely see me using this online site again especially for the hash which is super hard to come by around these parts. Anyways, time for a wake and bake :hello:
  6. Explain this online ordering concept more.
  7. Loving that purple. Quality.
  8. Wow, Nice! Please elaborate on this website a little more, and send me a pm of the sites link! Id be happy to try it out! :smoke: Thanks also!! GREAT review man!!
  9. Yummy buds.

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