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    So I decided to build two grow boxes from the ground up. I have a spare room on a different floor in my huse so I figured why not.

    Got some wood, a staple gun, some black/white growhouse plastic, some wood screws, lights, exhaust fans with carbon filters and anything else might need (I think). So away I go framing the first box....

    And the boxes are 48x48 and 75 inches tall. I have a single 600w hps for each and the exhaust fans are 4 inch inline with carbon filters.


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  2. So I mounted the exhaust fan high since heat rises. I got the carbon filter to fight the sweet smell of bud...

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  3. Time for the staple gun! I bought the black and white growhouse stuff to create walls out of it. I also got some reflective tape to make sure we have a relatively airtight situation and the plastic won't pull off of the staples.

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  4. For the "door", I used the same stuff. I stapled 50% of it to the wood and then used velcro for the remaining 50%. Make it easy to open and close that way and I don't have to build a door or anything...

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  5. It all looks good. I have a thermometer read to velcro up to monitor humidity and temp and the like. I will be mounting an oscillating fan next (waiting for it to arrive right now). Also need to finish the other box. One for flowering and one for veg (of course).

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  6. So I flip the surge protector on and seal closed my nifty little velcro door just to test things out. I had read before that if you have an exhaust fan you don't have to have an intake fan because it will create a vacuum and allow air in. I didn't think about mine being so very airtight so as soon as I attached the velco strips I can hear them pulling as the air is sucked from my new box.

    It pretty much isn't getting fresh air in there. Not as much as my 4 inch inline fan is sucking out. So I guess I will have to get an intake fan now before I finish the second box. Suggestions on an intake fan?

    Couldn't I cut a small flap in the plastic to allow fresh air in?

    And i forgot to mention the box is 48x48 and 75 inches tall.
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    Hey man, looks like its coming along really well! Your growbox is like 2 of mine stacked on top of each other lol. Good stuff man, but just a few things! I've heard in a LOT of other threads where people use scrubbers, that they prefer to pull the air through it rather than push air out of it. Put the scrubber inside your box and pull the air through it. It's also just more convenient because it's hidden inside the box, hence, the purpose of the box. To hide the grow.


    just read above post about intake lol... A guy I got some help from who really knows his stuff told me to shoot for 1.5x the surface area of your exhaust for intake. and I honestly dont think you need a fan for your intake. I have a 6' exhaust fan in a 32x32x36 box, and I use a line of holes in the bottom of my cab as the intake. It works great and keeps fresh air in the box at all times. My temps are steady at 75.
  8. I would prefer not to have an intake but as i mentioned, when I sealed off my room the whole thing looked like all of the air was being squeezed out of it and all 4 walls were stretching as the room gasped for air.

    Stealth is of zero concern for me (pretty much legal where I live) but I wonder if a few little slits cut into the bottom of the wall (plastic) would do it for me?
  9. well if you have exhaust youre obviously going to need intake... if youre taking air out, there has to be air coming in... Get some flexi tubing stuff from home depot (the shiny tubing you have for the intake) and cut a hole in the box, seal tubing like you did for the exhaust. Trust me youre going to need a lot of fresh air in there. That and light are the 2 most important parts of growing.
  10. Think I should just get an intake fan (6 inch?) and place it at the bottom of one of my makeshift walls? This is the fan I am using for exhaust: my exhaust fan. It really takes all of the air out of the room exceedingly well.

    Should I get the same thing for intake? Should I get the 6 inch for intake instead?
  11. Like I said above, just cut a hole in the BOTTOM of one of your walls. Make the hole (or holes) are 1.5x bigger than your exhaust hole... then run some flexi tubing to that hole to pull air in so you dont have light coming directly into the box. This comes in handy during the dark hours of a plants life, it cannot have ANY light at all.
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    I cut three holes in the back of the cab and 2 holes in the side...all of them at the bottom. Glad to report it works greats! Steady vacuum of air coming in now.

    Big problem...heat. I closed off the box and turned on the fans and everything looks great. Temps got up to 91 degrees with no plants inside yet. Room temp is 74 degrees but the cab is at 91. 600w HPS. 48x48x75. How do I get it cooler in there?
  13. DAMN 91 degrees? Thats pretty high... what kind of light are you using? Did you have lights all on when you closed up the box? Whats the temp outside around your neck of the woods?
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    1. HPS 600W light.
    2. It's about 70 degrees outside in my neck of the woods.
    3. It is 74 degrees in the room I have the box in.

    I have an indoor/outdoor themometer/hygro combo. It is set to indoor. Should it be set to outdoor? Temps show lower when I set it to outdoor for some reason (87 degrees).

    It gets over 100 outside here in the summer.
  15. Well you're going to need to run fresh air from the intake over the bulb through the hood of your HPS setup. Then exhaust that straight out of the box. Also, keep the room as cool as possible with the windows open or a window or room air conditioner. The air is being pulled into the box from the room after all, so colder room = colder box.

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