2 indoor , 3 outdoor and 3 clones! temp question

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  1. So i have a few plants on the go right now. I have 3 outdoors all different ages ( one is already flowering , one is 4 weeks from seed and had some issues early on and the other is 3 weeks and also strange so i planted it in the groud rather then in a pot like my other two outdoors.) these 3 plants are all getting about 13/11 right now and even the small ones are starting to stretch and flowering is impending. The temps during the day here are reaching nearly 100 and last night the twmp droped to 55f. Im wondering if i should be pulling them in at night with temps like that. Also, i have two that i had inside my house but decided to set them up in my shed after watching my hygro meter for a few days prior to putting them out. Well they spent their first night outdoors last night and like i said the temp outside reached 55f ....my tent has 2 300w leds that produce a fair amount of heat BUT my temps got as low as 61f . i know a gap from 95 to 61 cant be good for them so minus a heater what could help mu situation here. Would it help to shut one light during the day to keep it cooler and then shut the fans at night to keep it warmer. ? Im sorry if you think this is rambling or a petty question but this is only my second grow and i have more on my plate then last time since they're now ALL outdoors.
    Strains outdoors are :
    2 green crack fems
    1 unknown
    Tent strains are :
    1 Candy cane fem
    1 Unknown
    Clones are:
    1 unknown
    2 purple kush ( one has rooted in plain water)

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