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2 hit mexican

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by cottonmouth51, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I know most of you guys don't remember the good old days of 2 hit Mexican for $10 we didn't weigh it back then went by fingers stuff baggie full 4 finger lid pretty red buds some gold and blue damn those were the good old days now they try and get 25 bucks a gram for the same stuff I used to get for $60 a lb. Yeah I'm an old hippie from way back and oh wow those thi sticks $25 for baggie full . And something I ain't seen in a while good ol gold bud Colombian damn narcs put the halt on colombian years ago it was a lil higher was $200 a lb Boy those were the days
  2. I've heard stories of Columbian gold and panama red. Shame they aren't around so I could them inside my lungs.

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  3. The nugs now and days shit on the old ones.
  4. Roflmao

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    "My bud can beat your bud's ass!"
    Well, I'm old and I remember the old weed. It was a world different than the buds out there now. Less THC? Yeah, maybe…No one ever tested it back then. But the plants were certainly "God-made", landrace SATIVA plants with NO influence from Indica strains. No hybrids in those days. Only indigenous plants grown outdoors in the sun and wind and rain. Some made it. Some got moldy. All of it got shipped in super-compressed bricks. 
    Occasionally, we would get a brick of Oaxaca -which was super bright green with shiny, dark seeds and smelled like petroleum oil and hay. It had so many seeds in it and stems and shit…you had about a half a bag of seeds when you were done! Nothing like smoking a bowl of that shit and floating down a creek on an inter tube on a hot summer day…..*sigh*
    If I hadn't been there and been a part of it -like OP and a few others around here- then I'd probably call bullshit, too. But, the TRUTH is that that old weed was a whole other category of smoke. If you weren't there, then you probably won't get it. I wish everyone could sample it, though. I can get any kind of buds you can imagine, today…and I still miss the old stuff! Go figure! Maybe it's not all about the THC!?Hmmmm...
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    I was talking with my girl friends dad the other day about this....He was telling me all the shit he'd move and his mind was blown when I was saying a lb would go for a couple grande these days.

    Then again his mind was blown when we split a joint of good bud from today.....The weed today is much better.

    And you should slap the guy charging you 25 a gram....slap him into next year.

    Oh and you can still get that Mexican Skagg's only 40 for an oz if it's still green....30 if it's brown lol
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  7. Nah, it's not better…just different. It probably has more THC in it these days…. Doesn't taste the same, though. Different terpene profiles. 
    Weed today isn't landrace. Those old landrace Sativas were only feasible to grow outdoors, for the most part….watered by "god" and hardly tended-to at all. You took what you got.
  8. I would trade my left nut for some Goldbud or Santa Marta Redbud seeds from the mid to late 70s.
    The buzz lasted sooo long. I mean 4 or 5 hours of Chinese eyes.

    Twas Ever Thus!
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    Yea, totally, I support killing innocent Hispanics in their native countries in order to profit from the drug trade, just bring the weed in and cover up the bodies.  :hide:
  10. That's. why weed is illegal.
    profit. prohibition is very lucrative

    Twas Ever Thus!
  11. Damn, those seemed like good times. But weed now is soo much more potent to the weed then. But for $60 a pound I wouldn't complain at all.
  12. Go take a trip to said country. Its still there at cheap prices.
  13. The weed back then was just as potent. It was sativa so it got you high. Todays. weed is hybrids.
    people don't know the difference between getting stoned from sativa and getting knocked out by some indica. Potent weed was around then too its just that swag was more available.
    I speak from personal experience here.

    Twas Ever Thus!
  14. I like the kids that say ..."Oh. today's weed is better"...Yeah, like how chicken is better because we figured out how to grow them faster indoors.
    Weed grown outdoors in the wild, left to go to seed for years on end? I'd take some of that sticky shit to a 90 day clone grown by a 19 year old Google Genius. These motherfuckers today think they invented weed. That is sad, interesting and funny all at the same time. 
     Go get some real Yard Bird and tell me how today's chicken is better. Genetics and nature will trump technique any day.
  15. We just need a time machine, then we can end this debate once and for all!
  16. #16 aPersonUponaHill, Feb 8, 2014
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    Than legal worldwide trade? Funny, anything else?
    Or even simply legality in the US would be a huge market, easily the biggest in the world once it happens. Probably already is and we only have 2 states.
  17. I'd give anything for a real thai stick in this day and age.
  18. You and me, both, bruh.
    Shit...we'd go back, get blazed..come  "Back To The Future"
    And be all like :smoking: :smoking: :confused: :confused: :confused:  "Oh, yeah"....."It definitely looks better shaved. What the hell did we go for again?" :ey:
  20. And yes to the people who realize that pure, God-made Sativa that has stabilized its genetics from countless generations of growing in specific regions of the world, isn't the same thing as a modern hybrid that has Indica and Sativa mixed together.
    Regardless of what the THC content may have been in those old Sativas, the overall effect was quite different. People who know what they tasted like will tell you that there isn't anything else like them today. So, that's one difference -terpenes! And, if you don't think that terpenes make any difference in your high, then you're not up on the latest studies! They are even including the overall terpene % in some dispensaries' test results -right alongside the THC!
    So, for those who state that "Today's weed is way better."…You need to define what "better" means. I've smoked everything from A-to-Z in terms of "named" varieties of hybrid strains. I get MJ strains that have lemon, pepper, berries, pine trees, Pine-Sol flavors (and beyond) all the time ...and strains that have (reported) THC levels beyond 25% aren't uncommon to me. And, from all that, I've learned that it's not all about the THC content -at all.
    I've learned that the best weed is the weed that has it all -everything in a certain balance -flavor, cannabinoids, smell…..The best weed is the weed that evolved, on its own, to be "attractive" to people -made itself smell a certain way that people couldn't ignore…with all the natural psychoactive "instructions" locked inside the compounds…when you smoke that kind of weed, then different things happen in your brain. Natural, landrace strains are things that are "tuned in" by nature, itself, and they play clear, sweet music. Hybrids, by comparison, are (more often than not), like in-between the stations of the tuner with the volume is pumped up by the high THC  levels. 
    I live in Seattle.
    I'm old.
    I've smoked marijuana for over 40 years -almost daily.
    I've been a part of the marijuana culture before most of the people here's parents were born!
    I've seen it all. I've done it all. I've smoked it all.
    NOTHING is like an old landrace Sativa strain. Trust me.
    And Thai stick isn't even in the same universe as any of this discussion! And we know why! ;)

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