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2 highs in one?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplehayz420, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. i have no clue how to explain this lol, basically, ive been smoking some good dank, and when i smoke, i get the normal high, but then it morphs into a WAY stronger high? im not complaining, i fucking love this, i just wondering if anyone else gets this? basically when it morphs, i go through a shit ton of confuon, and then i realize my high just got amplified, and all my emotions are on x10* and idk, everythings realbut it just has this..... idk effect, its weird, but awesome
  2. also i should add, i was watching this show about lions, and they tranquilized the lion, and it felt like i had been tranquilized, idk it was sooooooo kewl
  3. "Kewl" story bro.
  4. You got high
  5. #5 S0UR, Jun 6, 2011
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    Yeah, that's how it works. Some bud kicks in right away, some doesn't.. Sometimes I'm not even high at all when I get done smoking, but 5-10 minutes later I'm flying with the fucking birds.
  6. actually op this happened many times to me. I smoke a blunt with my friend and after we're done I am just like "meh, it's a nice high. So we go dribble a soccer ball or something, in like 20 mins I get way higher than I used to be. mostly happens when we mix different buds for the blunt. could totally be a placebo though, I'm just a stoner lol
  7. This happens to me when I use different buds as well!
  8. you are just really high :) Enjoy it
  9. shits intense lol
  10. thats a creeper high.. starts out weak and then plows you when you least expect it, lol

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