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    Friend Orderd: 10 Hashberry and 10 Northern Light seeds. He is giving me 2 of each for free for alowing him to ship to a spot. I will be using the paper towl trick.
    Light: 400W HPS with EYE Hortilex. Veg/ Flower
    : 2x 100W Daylight Blue for Sprout to 12 days.
    Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest.
    Currently: Have 3 Ice plants 40 days old. Tomorrow they will start 12/12 as 2 of them have shown me their nice pistols.
    I have not used any nutes on these ladys and im wondering if I should for flower time or just let them go their way?
    Here are some pics till tomorrow after work

    Thanks im open to all comments :wave:
    Till next time rip dank
  2. Hey man, really nice choice of strains. Love the northern lights. :) As for the nutes...I would definitely feed at least a little in flowering. Plants can suck up a lot of food. Its really incredible. I'm going through a couple gallons for 5 plants now at 4 weeks in. I would wait though and let the plant tell you what it wants. Feed accordingly.

    Hope that helps a little.
  3. I have only smoked Ice and I CANT WAIT till all 3 strains are done. I love weed and everything about it. Taste smell mmmm yall kno.
    Heading to work but before I do the HB and NL seeds will enter their papertowl. Later today im going to get the bigbloom and tiger bloom nutes from a lacal store. Pics tonight somthing that makes me very happy

    Later guys:wave:

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