2 guys in alabama get 5 years each

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  1. "That's the two happiest mug shots I've ever seen." :smoke:
  2. lmao the mugshots are funny!!! :)

    we loose 2 people...10 people start
  3. I looked into this just a little bit further and with good behavior they will do a little more than a year.

    Still sucks though, but the lesson is, dont steal power and dont get greedy.
  4. The comments go to show the changing consensus opinion on marijuana... yeah!
  5. awww that sucks man
  6. Normally I'd think the government was totally in the wrong here, but stealing power...egh. I understand that it helps conceal your grow op, but it does make it harder to morally support these guys.

  7. I'd Say !

  8. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
    i wish we had a handle on our government.

  9. i had a big shit eating grin for mine too. idk why people always look so sad. dont let them see you frown even when your down. besides, if you know your picture is gonna be in the paper i would reather be seen smiling. keep'em guessing haha.
  10. First off I have to say.......F*CK THE POLICE!!!! F*CK....F*CK....F*CK THE POLICE...Yea F*CK 'EM!!!!!

    Any indoor grower, especially in a state where medical MJ is non existent should take extreme precautions. Proper ventilation, anti detection film (a better mylar product), and DON"T STEAL ELECTRICITY! They will eventually figure it out!

    Don't get GREEDY.

    Don't get lazy.

    Don't TRUST anyone.

    :yay: Stay on your toes and COVER YOUR ASS boys & girls!!!!
  11. 1000 watt lamps? that's a bit stupid. 5 years? and how many plants?
    btw they look stoned.
    wouldn't five days or five weeks be appreciate for stealing electricity?
  12. Damn...I live in Mobile, maybe they had some good shit. But stealing power...that's a dick move.
  13. get ya solar growin goin...
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    Just being hypothetical:

    They had 100 plants per location 3 location. Lets say 4 ounces per plant so 1200 zips per grow. Lets say 4 grows a year with an average time for a dea investiagtion to come to fruitation 18 mo.

    So lets say they got in 6 grows before being busted or approx 7200 zips.

    Now lets say they moved thier sensi at the super reasonable price of 200 per zip. They would be looking at $1,480,000 in get back. Now if they were smart and hid that money somewhere then those two guys could be getting about 740k a piece when they get out of jail in year (1 year with good behaviour out of 5 year sent)

    even if busted if I knew I had 740k waiting for me when done with a year I'd be smiling too.
  15. yeh but how much can the cops find out ;). they could have houses in other areas.
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    hey dude, i live in mobile too, bout where you at?

    edit: shoot me a pm so i don't have to monitor this thread
  17. that does suck

    yea i agree

    i was thinkin that too.
  18. I live in Bama and the MJ laws here are fucking ridicoulous
  19. They def have like 10 other houses FULL of weed and money so they cant wait to get out to get back to growing and moving lol

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