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2 Gram pic up (crappy looking louisiana "dank")

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by runthistown18, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Dude said it was a 2 gram bud, Paid $35.
    I think it looks kinda short (like around 1g?). Anyway i took 1 hit...Felt nothing, 5 minutes later it hit me... Long story short i was high for 3 hours.

    Did i get jipped off or is it a decent deal?
    How much would you pay for this?


  2. Nice looking bud but i definetly wouldnt pay 35$ for it. Probably around 1.5 gram, id pay 10-20$ in the 856. Keep smokin :smoke:
  3. Unless its crazy dense that's not two grams. Maybe 1.5

    Get a scale
  4. It's shy a gram if it was meant to be 2. Where I'm from I'd pay 5 bucks for that but yet again I'm in California not the east coast. It should only be $15.00 maximum. Take the loss and get a new connect, $35.00 should get you a lot more
  5. Yea no way thats 35$ worth. I mean If you said you payed 20$ I would still be laughing because of that thick ass stem. Probably like .7-.9Gs minus the stem. So find a new connect because you should of payed like 5-10 bucks for that.
  6. thats 25-30 round here boi.

    lmfao the stem is probably what weighs the other .5
  7. "High for 3 hours"...that's satisfying enough
  8. I live on the east coast and id pay 15 or 20 for that. Oh well we all get ripped off sometimes, it just happens
  9. If that's a gram I would've pain no more than $15. If it's around 1.2-1.3 I'd pay no more than $20.

    I just up 2 grams of outdoor for $20 today :) I buy dank at college every once in a while, but the dealers are losers and good bud is hard to find for a good price. So $10/g outdoor, $40/4.5g is what I normally smoke. Just roll fat Js and blunts :smoke:

    Anyways, unless that's some dense bud, that's not 2 grams.
  10. regardless of what it weighs it aint dank, around my way we call that shit bizzle, or what is commonly refered to as beasters.
  11. if its dense id pay 35 for it i had a very small dense ass nug one day thought it wouldnt make shit but i grinded the nug up and it made 2 nice js so dont judge especially from a picture.

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