2 girls and i really need help.

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    Background: 3 years ago i got into a relationship with this girl, Jen, and we dated for close to 2 years. In those 2 years we went thru a good bit and learned eachother extremely well. We broke up and it was fucking brutal, both our faults for saying the things we did and stuff. After that we didnt talk till now.

    At the moment im with ash, we have been together for almost 5 months. I am kind of getting pushed away by her, she is really clingy and just does things that drive me crazy. Although she does this i still really care about her and would never wanna hurt her(this is the problem).

    A week ago me and jen talked and have been talking all week about the past and how we have matured etc etc. We have both been with others since and have learned from our mistakes. we both still have feelings for each other. Jen just knows everything about me and understnads me, where as ash doesnt. Ash and i have similar life styles, but Jen clicks better with me although she is more of the club type and i have never been to one.

    I think i wanna get back with jen but i dont wanna hurt ash. Also i dont know if the fact that jen is sexy as fuck is makin me think with the wrong head ya know? Like you know how new things(jen) are always funner, then they get old? I dont want that to happen, id hate if i dropped ash and broke her heart just to find out a month down the road i made the wrong decision. This has been killing me for a week. Its all i can think about, i should be doing my essay now but i cant focus. side note jen is also my new dank dealer as of last week, and ash doesnt toke but it doesnt bother her at all that i toke.

    any help/ advise wat so ever will much appreciated. thanks
  2. So its either the hot dank dealer or the annoying chick that doesnt smoke?

    For real?
  3. I saw some other guy post something like this:

    Think of being married to the girl

    That should be enough for you to make a decision, even if you don't intend on marrying her.
  4. wait...

    Jen: fucking sexy, dank dealer, smokes weed, knows you better than anyone else, you both love each other

    Ash: Sometimes annoying, she's taking distances, doesn't smoke.

    Hmmm...the choice is hard, really.;)
  5. Man from my exprience I can tell you its never good to date an ex girlfriend yo, but do what you feel is right and work to make it perfect. hope this helps
  6. give it a week with ash, if things don't get better you know what to do
  7. Would you rather,
    A) Marry a beautiful fellow marijuana lover, who you will blaze with into the sunset untill death and all that shit
    B) Marry some annoying uptight bitch who you will willingly tolerate SOBER, untill you commit suicide

    your choice .

  8. Do what feels most right to you and does the least harm to others....
  9. you have to decide for yourself man, sorry, you are in what they call a 'pickle'.

    Jen aside, if you don't see it working for the long term with ash, then quit it for that reason and be honest about it.
  10. Tell them both that you have a secret problem (bipolar disorder, gambling addiction, weird fetish) anything that would get a rise outof them. Whoever sticks with you and doesnt run for the hills is who you need to be with.In my lifetime (i'm only 24 but have been in a fair number of relationships) I came to find that it is absolutely great to have a banging fine azz chick on your arm.hell half the time it leads to pulling other sexy chicks. But in the end the person you are with isnt on top of you naked 24/7. at some point in time you have to actually talk and deal with the person you are loving. I loved my ex's tits and ass and her passion to do whatever whenever but it doesnt compare to my wife of three years being able to watch Goodfellas three times a week without bitching.Love never makes a mistake, but lust leads to a clinic visit.
  11. IMO stick with your current girl. There's a reason why your exes are exes and those reasons never fade away. Eventually you'll find yourself back to the same shit that led you to split in the first place. I don't think you're current girl is THAT annoying, obviously it hasn't bothered you enough for five month. Your subconcious is simply making excuses for the mistake you're trying to make.
  12. Only your heart can decide:love::smoke:
  13. this. of course jen is going to know you better than ash. you've known each other for 2 years. vs 5 months with ash. i dont think you have comminicated with ash. talk to her about her "clinginess"

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