2 Flower Cycle Questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ecam1495, May 26, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, i have 2 questions about the flower cycle. First, do you start counting the amount of days your plant has been flowering from the exact day you switched to 12/12? or from when you first start to see buds forming. Second, i know it vary's, but what is the minimum and maximum time for a plant to finish its flower cycle? heard between 7-12 weeks? I switched my plant to 12/12 on april 15th and am just trying to get an idea when she will be ready, thanks for any info, helps me out a lot

  2. i don't count weeks because that depends on way to many varibles to be anywhere near accurate . check the tricones and when they get cloudy and some are amber you are there or verry close .i have had plants that say 8 weeks and took 13 before ready for harvest ---Erb
  3. Yeah erb is correct. I made the mistake of guessing when my plant was ready with ought checking the trichomes and it was premature. It still need a good week or two. Get familiar with trichomeas and how to check them. It's super simple and well worth the extra effort. Good luck. Oh and I'm pretty sure you count from the day you switched to 12/12. It's still good to keep track of everything.
  4. Yup... best to check the trichomes with a scope. And you start your weeks when your pistils start showing. Most indicas run from 7-9 weeks depending on if its a hybrid( sativa/indica cross). Most Sativas are from 9-12weeks. So if you have a hybrid and its more sativa dom. then it will be longer.

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