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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skully, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. well 2 fems out of 4 aint bad.I have the northernlight#5-bluberry from peakseeds.com.They grew to be a foot in 25 days.yesterday i started to flower and already you can see the nice white little pistels emerging.so jazzed..
  2. Very nice. I was interested in this strain. When you harvest tell me about the taste and how much was harvested.
    Happy Growing :)
  3. 25 days from what point?

    seed into water?

    tap root out of seed coat?

    25days is a fast time and i got the very same nl#5/blueberry that im gonna be trying out after i get thru all this current goin on's.

    and what are u growing under?
  4. Hey froggy,
    25 days vegging and they grew a foot...today is the 4th day flowering.After the first night of flowering though,the pistels started poking out everywhere..it was crazy.I had 4 plants all together and the 2 that turned out to be male showed there sex before 12/12.Anyway i put the seeds in water for only 12 hours then went to the paper towel system.The plants have grown an inch and a half everynight since flowering.Im only using a 250 watt hps system and the plants are very bushy.
    I dont think im doing to bad for my first grow :)

    anyway i'll post some pics when i have batterys for my digi.


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