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  1. Alright so... I'm kinda speechless after finding out my "male" plant turned out to be a female too! Like wtf is goin on here lol whatever the case my be thank you nature for giving me another female! Wow, I fed em a bloom booster Saturday or Sunday, well over the weekend sometime lol and the very next day I could see why it's called a bloom booster lol. I was dragging my "male" out the closet to get rid of it but then... something, like an energy force, stopped me and told me to examine it closely. After close examination I found that the plant I thought for sure was a male turned out to be a female! I'm so happy cuz my yield just increased with that discovery. Here's a few pics of how they're doing... wow... what a journey!
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  2. Must be one of them lefty tranny plants.

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  3. At least in this world we live in plants arnt bigots
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