2 Females from bag seed. Both very different. Questions about harvesting.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bertanderine, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    With the help of the folks in this forum, I have had some very good results from my first grow. I am about 7 weeks in to flowering and will be harvesting soon.

    As the title mentions, I have two females that were grown from bag seed. One appears to be more indica dominant and the other sativa dominant. I say this because one is short and fat and the other is taller and skinny. Also, the buds on the short/fat girl are very dense while the buds on the skinny girl are more wispy and have tons of long white pistils.

    The indica is covered with "crystals". This makes examining the trycomes for cloudy/amber colors easy. It also makes me think that these buds are going to be potent. :hello:

    The sativa a bit more challenging. There is very little crystals on this plant. It is very healthy and has tons of bud :) but not much in the way of crystals. When I look via a microscope, i see about 1/8 of the trycomes that I see on the indica.

    So, my question are:

    1) Does my assessment of one indica plant and one sativa plant sound logical?

    2) Do sativa's produce crystals in different ways? IE later in the process, or in less visible locations? Should I assume this will be less potent due to the lower amount of crystals?

    3) Based on my descriptions, any other general comments?

  2. Based on description, I say you nailed sativa/indica. Sativas usually take longer to flower than indicas so that may explain why the indica appears to have more crystals, as it is reaching maturity faster.

    Keep looking at the trichomes for both, and harvest when ready! Sounds like you may have to harvest individually. Just because the "Sativa" doesn't have as many crystals as the indica doesn't mean its not ready, may just be a lower THC breed. Basically, keep checkin' and harvest when its time!

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