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  1. got only 2 questions.....

    what r those autoflowering plants?
    and how many plants could i put in a XS homebox?
  2. Plants start flowering when you put cut that lights back to 12/12. auto flowering plants start to flower when they get old enough, even if you keep the lights on 18/6 or 24/0.

    DAMNNN:eek: that thing is tiny....comfortably 2, but you could probably squeeze 4 in there depending on what your growing in
  3. what should i use? the seed shop said they will be :Lowryder #2 Height: 45-50 cm (17-19 inches).
    so what medium should i use? i want as much plants as possible

    btw the grow box will fit into my closet wich is bout 10cm bigger on each side :)
  4. well...height shouldn't be a problem at all...as far as a medium..depends on how your growing..hydro or soil???

    General Hydroponics has the waterfarm hydro systems they are like $45 a piece and include almost everything you need. you'd only have to add rockwool cubes (about $5) and ph up/down ($15 with ph tester solution) and they are only good for one plant each. The waterfarms are roughly 1ftx1ft, so in your homebox, you'd probably be able to just barely fit 4 in there, and the plants would be adequetly spaced apart.

    If your doing soil...i'd say get 3 or 4 3 gallon paint buckets ($3-$5 apiece at a home depot) and would probably only want to put 1 plant a piece in those as well...might be able to get away with 2 plants in each bucket. if you want more...you'd have to find some sort of rectangular box/flower pot. if you could find maybe some 2ftx1ftx1.5ft rectangular flower pots. you could just barely fit those in the HB and could possibly get 3 plants in each box for a total of 6.... I've never grown that strain before and don't know how much there roots grow

    if you try to cram in too many plants though...they will get rootbound and will not grow good.

    also, you said you only have 10cm on either side of the HB in your closet...does the HB have a vent on top?? cuz you gonna wanna put some type of itake fan sucking air into the tent...and with only 10cm of leeway...it's going to be hard to fit that on there.

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