2 Dry Heady Hammers, 1 Heady Nug Jar

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by trikky, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hey GC. I bought these a while ago, but I didn't have good pictures of them.

    Hope you enjoy.

  2. Awesome shit.

    Lovin' that nug jar, sweet colors.
  3. Siiiiick! As always. :smoking:
    Really diggin' the second one. Fuckin' beautiful. :smoke:
  4. I love when people take pride in their smoking tools. I think everyone sould have pieces as nice as the bud they smoke. simple equation.
    (the biggest sack you've ever picked up)should be equal in value$ to the nicest piece you have. an oz for 300. a piece for 300. qp for a g. a piece for a g. +rep though
  5. I really like the first one. Too bad it's not made by Roor, since apparently they are superior.
  6. Wow I love both of them. The second one looks like a bunch of drops of an oil/water mixture all over it; it's quite beautiful, absolutely a work of art. Even with that said, I -really- like the first one. The various appendages on it (especially the two black hooks near the bowl) look awesome. I'm really digging the Halloween colors there, that orange and red/orange looks sick together with the black. Nice choices man =) How much were they?
  7. Eh, I normally don't discuss prices, but the orange one was $60 and the other one was $40. If it seems cheap, it was. I am friendly with the owner of the shop where I bought them.
  8. Handjob friendly. JUST KIDDING.

    I go to concerts with him and stuff. We blaze, that sort of thing.
  9. It keeps telling me to spread rep around, but that's bullshit!

    + serious theoretical rep
  10. Sick shit.
    i dig them all. Cool colors
  11. Very nice.

    The second pipe reminds me of an elf for some reason.
  12. The 2nd pipe reminded me of some under the water little mermaid scene.
  13. it does look like its underthewater or something but ya its good shit man i like the second pipe :D
  14. +rep man nice bowls
  15. that second hammer is really something special
  16. God, the second one is beautiful, I used to live in Boulder, which shop did you purchase it at?
  17. 42 Degrees South in Atlanta.

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