2 drawer file cabinet - help!

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    That is great idea that you build 2 drawer file cabinet for your own purpose. For lighting I would say that natural lighting the best way to save energy but though you build at basement so that is not possible. You should try T5 lamps with dimmable daylight harvesting controls and Z Bar LED and Hafele LED lights as well. I must say that you should try ventilated wood closest system which is more durable with good finishing.[/quote]

    Thanks for tips homie!
  2. [quote name='"ImBurnt"']Just finished my PC build, looks pretty sweeet. Didn't include fans though, I'm just using this for early couple Weeks;)[/quote]

    Looking forward to it mate!
  3. It's my pleasure and If you have any question regarding any information you can ask me any time. I will get back to you very soon.
  4. [quote name='"rubyluise"']
    It's my pleasure and If you have any question regarding any information you can ask me any time. I will get back to you very soon.[/quote]
    Coool thats reallly awesomeee fam appreciate it
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    soo got my intake/exhaust holes measured..was using a drill to pattern out the lines but the drill and bit are as old as the house im living in soo i went to the hardware store bought $30 electric jig and theres no way in hell it was gonna be strong enough to cut that metal so im gonna return it tomarrow and go back to teh drawing board on this one.. :/
  6. I once cut through a lead block 2" thick with only a hacksaw blade....where there's a will there's a way dude.
  7. [quote name='"Bongsauce"']I once cut through a lead block 2" thick with only a hacksaw blade....where there's a will there's a way dude.[/quote]

    Exactly. Might not be the cleanest job but back to the metal sheers..worse case scenareo i try to use the circular saw lol i will get these cut idc if it takes me 6 hrs!
  8. hell yeh man. show it who's boss.
  9. [quote name='"Bongsauce"']hell yeh man. show it who's boss.[/quote]

    Lolll will do
  10. If you get a metal blade for your circular saw it will cut that no problem. We have put up a lot of tin on our farm buildings and always cut with a circular saw. Im not sure how powerful ours is or yours is, but it might be worth a shot. Otherwise see if any of your friends has any air tools. Cut off wheel for a die grinder would be the easiest and fastest way to go. Or, as Bongsauce kind of suggested, if all else fails... Hacksaw.
  11. update**

    well the good news? used a drill to get holes big enough to fit a sawjaw for my buddy to cut the holes as best we could..

    bad news? when we tried to cut everything but the face of the drawers it went to shit so now i have no drawers so was wondering if i should either abort? or use panda plastic to salvage this mission? bongsauce? will the airflow still work? we undercut a little on both holes to prevent going over the blue lines.. undercut rather then over..


    lmfaoooo if its still ago next thing to build is the light trap!
  12. well you got it cut! That's progress in my book. It would really suck now to scrap it and start over....

    So how are the drawers? Did they just start to fall apart when you tried to cut em? I think the back could b tacked back on with liquid nails and stuff...but I dunno about fixing the doors or making a new one. One of the really cool things about a filecabinet is how nice it closes...I think if the door wasn't perfect it would kinda mess up the chi of the whole thing. It's your call dude. I'll help however....just try to think if it would be easier/faster/cheaper to just work with a wood box, or continue with this one.

    Growing is a time consuming hobby..and it's best to get the grow started asap...you can always upgrade, modify or rebuild later. So IMHO ...what ever gets this grow rollin the fastest is the way I'd go.
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    im gonna try and salvage it.. or would u just say f it and make one from wood ? :)

    would panda plastic work for the front? what would u suggest for the front?

    the drawers got obliterated with the sawjaw..lol wouldnt fit back right or nething..i do however have drawers that i can stick back in? like off other file cabinets if i had to but the metal was really flimsy and started ripping..

    what about using a wood design like this?
  14. I think wood would be much easier to work with...It's up to you though if yer willing to scrap the metal one at this point to make things go a little smoother. Alot of ppl get hung up on things once they get started on them....you just need to think what's gonna be better for you in the long run.
  15. i think ill go for the wood one, alot easier to cut im sure as well. how would u suggest i cut that wood without compromising the integrity of the box? could i just take a circular saw or should i do the drill method? till i make a gap big enough to get a saw blade in there?
  16. doing it with a circular saw is kinda dangerous...you took the jigsaw back? If so, I'd drill a hole and use a cheapo handsaw (this style)to cut it...looks like particle board which cuts pretty easy imo. I do alot of work by hand though..I have powertools but I still put in the work sometimes ;)

  17. lol i like the less dangerous approach!! will def update when i get the NEW cab in :))
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    Hey DirtyGlove

    I have been using a 2 drawer file cabinet as kind of my Mother area as I'm in the process of buttoning up my Flowering room. I guess what Ill offer is some pictures and then you can just see how some one else did it. I was kind of under different variables though as well. I don't use it to go full flowering so obviously the design will have some differences.
    First off my cabinet was an old beat up filing cabinet I had for years. It was sitting on my porch for awhile until I decided to use it for this.

    I put casters on the bottom of the cabinet so it does roll. I cut a passive intake in the bottom of the cabinet. The drawers open as one unit. I just a fixed a wooden frame to the sides and face of the metal. My metal cabinet had fronts that were kind of put together with a front and back if that makes sense. I took off the back to drill holes so that i could bolt the frame work to it. I ran wiring from the bottom of the cabinet through a hole I drilled in the metal. The wiring comes into the cabinet and up behind the vertical that the drawer glides are attached to. I just have a simple outlet wired in the cabinet at the top. My ventilation is a fan mounted on top of a 90 degree pvc elbow. It blows air out of the elbow. There is a fan in the cabinet i use for circulation but I just kind of turn it on when ever that's the little switch you see near the outlet. Thats pretty much it I think. Its utilitarian and it wasnt to expensive to build. Lights are just fluorescent cfls suspended in a pvc framework with channels routered in it so that i can slide the lights or swivel them up and down depending on the plants. This is all my first endeavor with indoor growing and am still learning like many of you. Thanks for letting me in on your cool plans.

    Oh cutting the metal sucks in hindsight I think I would use a jig saw with a metal blade would be easier for the circles and just everything honestly lol.


  19. that looks awesome man, yeah i was thinking the same thing or even using a pc as a mother/clones and flower small in this buttt yeah im still in the air on everyhting ... :/
  20. I guess some things to remember. If the lights move with the drawers meaning when you pull the drawers out the light comes with it. If you need to tend to your plants or pull them out the lights have to move or be removable in some way.
    If the plants move with the drawers rembember when its fully extended out that it can be unbalanced and want to tip forward.
    Light leaks out of the sides where the drawers meet to solve this i used magnetic strips but I want to do something different like permenantly add a this face frame or something to contain the light better.
    Passive intakes work better than a fan pulling air in directly.
    Because its metal make sure you dont have anything rattling around inside it make sure the fan is bolted up nice and tight.

    On a side note I use a tiny cloner made from a 1 gallon bucket and it fits in a 5 gallon bucket to keep with the small scale.

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