2 drawer file cabinet - help!

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  1. I always try to fit everything inside the box. I always have intakes at the bottom and exhaust at the top. I try to put the fan before the filter so that the filter will muffle the sound of the fan a little bit.

    a powerstrip will be able to handle the eletricity no problem..most powerstrips can handle 600-1000w. The DC power supply you'll need to run the fan controlller should look like this -

    if you hook up fans without a fan controller then you can just scavenge a DC adapter from an old appliance or find one at a thrift shop.

    A PC powersupply is big and bulky and has alot of unnecessary electronics in it...you also have to 'jumper' it to get it to even start. (they normally won't start unless there's a motherboard attached) I have single pc fans that have been running off phone chargers or old nintendo power supplies for years straight without issues.

    ..also when setting up the fans/exhaust I try to create a sort of airflow across the bulbs directing the heat towards the exhaust. This usually involves putting the exhaust 'hole' right by the base of the bulb and also having an additional fan blowing air across the bulbs towards the exhaust.

    I've done the plexi thing in the past..but after the build I'd test the boxes with out the perpetrator and they worked just fine. It really depends on exactly how yer venting is set up but make it so that you can pull the glass/plexi out easily to see if it's even necessary.
  2. no pc supply for me i guess..just another thing taking space in my cab. its only 29" as is and im putting the glass maybe 5-7" down below where the light is so that leaves me wiht maybe 20" of vertical grow room.

    u got a pic in ur thread on ur sig of how u have the a/ac filter with ur exhausts? would love to see that to try and better understand the setup.

    but yeah im gonna buy like 4 120mm fans but only use the 2 as youve mention for exhausts that way i got 2 backups for whatever case maybe.

    the fan controller to me does seem like it would help but yet again it seems like another wiring task and i can get by hopefully without it?

    that just leaves me with wiring 2 120' mm fans to 12v dc chargers?
  3. yeh you can totally get by without the controller..and it is a ton of wires lol...no fun to hook up, but it only has to be done once.

    hmm..lemme see if I can dig up a pic..my photo albums are all screwy.


    ..that kinda shows how one of them is set up...that's the 'exhaust/electric box...the carbonfilter inserts into the box and there's 2 pc fans on the door that closes...this will create negative pressure in the box and suck through the filters. Allll my lights are off atm, but I can shot some pics a little later if you want better views of what's going on. In that pic you can also see the plugin that I mounted inside with my molex dc supply for my fan controller, which is right there too. Also the ballast is in the box and there's a inwall mounted timer and a working speaker on the door ;)

    Here's a link to the start of my speakerbox build...I set up the exhaust in pretty much the same way. As I said I prefer to put the fan before the filter to help muffle it, but sometimes that just doesn't work out.

  4. thanks bongsauce! if u could def take some more pics when u have some spare time to further help me understand and explain.. i will being going to my homies tonight to cut the sides and bottom and back off the drawers and im taking the tracks off for sure..tried doing it early with cheap metal sheers..did not work.. so ill just have the front faces as a false front.
  5. here I made you a pic of how I would run the airflow/filter...hope that makes it a little clearer. :wave:

    * oh and the intake vent at the bottom is a 'scrubninja light trap'

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  6. [quote name='"Bongsauce"']here I made you a pic of how I would run the airflow/filter...hope that makes it a little clearer. :wave:

    * oh and the intake vent at the bottom is a 'scrubninja light trap'[/quote]

    Can you take some over all pics of your setup? Little curious..
  7. lol yeh sure...but which setup :D 4 are about to turn on in 20 mins...the other 3 won't be on for 5 more hours ;) there's a lot of pics in my micro thread if ya wanna breeze through it...then ell me which box you wanna see better. We can take it over to my thread though if that's cool. I don't want to put a bunch of pics of my stuff in someone else's thread. :)
  8. Bong sauce go right ahead it wnt be a problem! It may help answer some of my questions as well
  9. oh ok bro :) I'll snap some new shots later tonite and make lil arrows n shit to explain how it all flows :)

    * you see that pic I attached on the last page?
  10. so the far left fan is the 80mm then u have both lets say in my case 120mm fans attached to two a/c filters?
  11. yes i did! hope i understand it now lol
  12. so yeh...the littel fan just runs on the same cycle as the lights...it's mostly there to blow air at the bulb and direct heat towards the exhaust.

    Then yer 2x 120mm fans would be inserted into a box...inside that box is also 2x carbon filters....just one box, rather then 2 separate boxes for exhausting. Then if there's enough room you can fit the electric stuff in the box too...just to make it nice and clean. Otherwise just mount the powerstrip/timer or w/e underneath the box.

    ...spread the knowledge ;)
  13. lmfao now thats gaaaaaangsta :D

    sooo tonight ill finish cutting the drawers to just their faces at my buddys house.

    if im going to do the plexiglass tech as well i might need an additional 80-120mm fan below the plexi because from waht it seems all the fans will be above or at the bulb line..

    that means potentially ill have 3 120mm variable fans and an 80mm variable.

    then ill need 4 12v dc adapter plugs or(phone chargers?) i think the dollar store honostly has cheap phone chargers as well as the chinese beauty supply store thats got counterfeit everything lol

    once fans arrive, i get the 4 adapters, u have a wiring thread or guide u said? next would be to construct the actual filter box/2 filters which also you said a little later or so youd post pics/links of it..

    finally comes actually cutting the exhaust/intake holes which ill be posting pics of my progress and steps im following because as we all know from what it seems i need a blueprint to take a shit really lol
  14. mm..the DC phone chargers will run the fans at like 5.7 volts or something, not 12v. They work good for smaller circulation fans and stuff but you'll probably want higher voltage on the exhaust so that the fans run at full power or close to it. You can sometimes find 12v DC chargers thingies at the thrift store for like 1$ a piece... just try to get one that has high mA rating like 2A or something like that. That way you can just run multiple fans off one powersupply. DC powersupplies can take up alot of room on the power strip or timer so try to use as few as possible. If you haven't ordered fans yet, I'd get one of those 2A molex supplies like I posted a pic of earlier..that should be plenty to run yer fans and it will also be all plug and play...no splicing n stuff.

    on yer exhaust / intake hole - I'd make the exhaust hole up in the corner of the back...like in the pic I drew, the vent on the back...that hole should be about 4"w x 8"h ...spaced an inch er 2 from the edge of the cab. The bottom intake should be roughly 2x that size so make it like 12"w x 6"h

    I'll attach some pics of my airflow in my mother cab box...it's a bit different then your design but it's based on the same airflow principles. My exhaust fans blow out the front, yours would blow out the back..etc...Hopefully the arrows n stuff explain most of it. :smoke:
    Oh and where the filter slots into place (pic#2) there's a piece of wood there that I boxed in red...that piece is held in place by a few screws and I can easily remove the filter when I need to change the carbon. ..you'll also see some polyfill inside the filter to help prefilter some of the dust...lighter for scale (that's one of those wolfmanzen carbon filters btw) :wave:

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  15. yeah havnt ordered nething yet. soo that 2a molex adapter, its gonna be enough for 4 pc fans total? i see four holes in the plug so i assume i can just plug the ends of my fans into that and they will run? if so, that saves a headache and a half lol..

    ill order the 4 fans plus that 2a molex if the aforementioned holds true to my interpretation of what u said.

    next for the holes from what u said i dont need 2 intake holes just the one that is 2x the exhaust and the exhaust 4" x 8" is big enough for both exhaust fans or is that for just each one individually?

    once the fans come we can nail done each step slow and steady instead of me asking 5-6 questions and getting lost somewhere lol.. that way all i have to do once i assemble all the fans is make the 2 a/c filters & box then make the hole cuts in the cab
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    yep the 2A adapter should run all 4 fans that we were looking at. And yeh, it should all be plug and play...the fans probably come with a 3pin/4pin plug. Now that I think of it there's a slim chance you might have to splice a wire er 2 if the molex plugs aren't 'pass-through' type...but we'll burn that bridge when we cross it :p

    holes- just a single intake hole twice the size of the exhaust is what you should shoot for. - 6x12"

    And on the exhaust hole I just figured it would be easier to cut a single 4"x8" hole for both filters to fit into rather then 2 side by side holes that would be hard to cut. If your able to, then cut 2 exhaust holes side by side(actually stacked not side by side) that are 4 1/8" in diameter spaced about 2" apart. Then yer 'wolfmanzen' carbon filters will slide into those holes from the back....still followin'? lol

    4 1/8 inches is the exact sized hole that a wolfman zen carbon filter will slot into. *not 3.75 as I thought earlier.
  17. ill also do a final check here in a lil on teh exact fans and make sure there 3/4pin plugs and ill order them and that 2a this weekend..

    for the intakes and exhausts i do follow.. ill take a picture of the back of my cab tonight and use paint to edit where the holes are gonna be and if iam wrong we can correct it because i start actually doing it.. id rather make just 1 big exhaust hole anyway..saves time lol. now the box i build will have that exhaust hole in the middle from the inside correct? and the 2 120mm will be stacked in that space with the 2 filters from the inside directly behind them?

    slowly but surely following :))))
  18. yeh I think you got it...lol

    looking forward to your paint skills :D I swear a paint edit describes stuff way better then I can with words.
  19. lmfao fair enough, having people that are patient also helps! haha:hello:

    im in ms paint right now about to start the drawings with some details then throw follow up questions or comments to the points. ill be sure to lable as well..
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    the back i think is straiht forward pretty much.. i didnt realize how big i made the exhaust drawing but thats what i got from what u said..

    the intake of course will be bigger i just didnt wanna draw it huge as well


    u can rotate the pictures as well on image shack..idk why they came out crooked.

    so starting from 2nd picture which i feel is the most important

    A: 80mm pc fan that is just mounted inside blowing from elft to right across light
    not cut into the frame at all with a hole or anything.

    B: power strip

    C: 200w envirolite with a silver hanger

    D: the most complex drawing lol..i had to draw it bigger then what the scale should be to see but

    over the area is the one a/c filter inside of the translucent filter box. the 2 fans are spaced farther apart then im sure ud suggest but just so u can see there is two there.. the 2 fans are mounted on the inside of the frame not out?

    E: is just the plexi glass that will be mounted on 3 frames of 1/2-1" wood on the left, back and right side and hot glued down

    F: is the intake whole which due to room couldnt appear larger then the exhaust in the drawing

    G: is the 3rd 120mm fan just below the plexiglass because all teh other fans are above it

    filter, filter box, exhaust, and intake holes will be made as well next week!!

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