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    Finally, the wait is over and the experimentation begins. :hello:
    1 Barney's Farm Critical Kush
    1 Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream
    2 Platinum Kush seedlings I'm holding on to for a buddy
    Environment: 2 Drawer file cabinet, gutted!
    Medium: Custom supersoil made up of:
    Spaghnum Peat Moss
    "Plan B's" all Organic Compost
    Kelp Meal
    Crab Meal
    Alfalfa Meal
    Dr. Earths organic fertilizer
    Garden Lime
    (I may be missing something I think I got it all) :confused:
    Six 23w 6500k CFLs
    Two 23w 2700k CFLs
    Exhaust: 120mm pc fan plugged into 9v adapter  :confused_2:
    Intake: No intake yet, will be making a passive intake and adding a small desk fan to finish off the cab
    Reflective Material: Aluminized Polyester (OR the scientific, cheap name for Mylar)
    I'll be using tap water probably every other day for irrigation, I'll check out some Tea recipes as I see necessary (We'll see how that goes).
    All advice is greatly appreciated!
    Questions: Would you say my lighting setup is safe to run while away from home? I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to this stuff.
    ALSO, I have my two power strips plugged into another one thats plugged into the wall. I believe they are all surge protected but I want to make sure this is safe to run.


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  2. Just realized this may be better fit in the Micro Grow subcategory. If a mod could move this that'd be great!
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    Do people use organic soil in micro grows? Never hear of many people using much less then a 3 gallon pot, maybe 2.5 most use 5 gallon or larger.
  4. Well I've seen it done various times. Is there reasoning behind that? It should be pretty self sufficient no matter the environment or amount of soil.

    I don't know everything by far, you may very well be correct.

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  5. Update 4 hours after cab started up:

    As I expected my 9v adapter rubs my 120mm fan way too slow, I'll need to pick up a cheap old 12v adapter at goodwill or something after work tomorrow.

    Also, I'll be drilling a couple holes tomorrow as a passive intake and adding the desk fan I spoke about.

    Because of these problems I'm a little concerned about the little ones. The cab stays about 82 and humidity at around 52% with all 8 cfls running very close together but I am still very concerned as when I open the cab door it seems very warm.
    I will be running only two 23w 6500k cfls to keep them warm until I can make the changes.

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  6. the problem with small pots would be not having enough nutrients to last the whole grow in the soil. Regular teas and top dressing would fix that though i figure. I'm going to organic to get away from all the maintenance of regular feedings, maybe a tea or 2. I've just always been told 3 gallons at absolute smallest but 5 or larger if possible, so they have enough of what they need to last the grow without much upkeep. I'm sure its possible though, I just want less mixing and just plain water. I'm new to organics too, been reading and asking questions for the last year, this was just the 1st time I saw anyone using organic in micro grows. I'm just asking more out of a curious mind than anything. I use 5 gallon I just like learning how others grow.
  7. Well you'll be the first to know how it goes! I'll be transplanting into probably 1.5 gallon pots if I can fit 2 in my little cab!

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  8. So I managed to make my 12v fan stop working already. I picked up a $2 12v phone charger and hooked it up. Worked fine until I plugged it in again and now I can't get it to move no matter what I do. I picked up a small fan so. Have that covering the hole where my fan was in an attempt to expel some hot air. With 6 CFLs on im at 84 degrees and 59% humidity.

    Will my seedlings hate me for this? Not having a real exhaust?

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    Better view.

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  10. your temps are good your rh could be lower though
  11. When it comes to the cabinet set up, you might get more responses in the micro grow section
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    52% humidity is just fine at this point you don't need to lower it till flower, even then 52 is doable. Don't take people words on anything. Get opinions to lead you in the right direction and do your own research from there
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    if he's at 59% right now just think of what it'll be in flower  :rolleyes:  like I said, try to lower the rh, i'm not sure how you would but mine is kept around 30.
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    dude your on your on your 1st grow and haven't even got to flower yet, that's not how it works, he's a long way from flower and its going to be even longer if the plant grows through veg in low humidity. Veg needs slightly higher humidity then flower. Yes it can grow in low humidity but why unnecessarily give him the wrong advice for where he's at, slowing him down. Save your advice until you've experienced it. When it comes time to lower humidity in flower a dehumidifier will work great. Figured you would of known that.
  15. I would put the little stupid rolling eyes icon, but I'm not a 4 year old virgin grower who thinks he knows everything......op do some research about humidity in veg, you'll see your fine.
  16. He said one thing about his humidity and it causes you to say all that? lol calm down bro..
  17. no bro you're misunderstanding who I was referring to. The o.p. is worried about his humidity which is just fine for veg and I nicely let the o.p. know so in my 1st post. I was replying to BC brea who came rolling his eyes at me saying the ops humidity was to high and that I was wrong, which I'm not.. I did accidentally post 59 instead of 52 but either way he's fine and BC brea obviously was just trying the 1 up stupidity...so I was kind enough to point out he should reserve advice and not try to make others look like they are clueless until he knew what he was talking about. If politely trying to give the original poster correct information for the stage of growth he's in offends you in any way, I'll live.
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    I didnt misunderstand who you were referring to, I read the whole thread and you freaked out when someone else gave their advice. And about the whole emoticon thing, really? grow up dude. I'm done wasting my time with this, I just wanted to point out you were being a douche for no reason
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    I didn't say an impolite word until BC brea was impolite. I know it just an emoticon but we all live in this era and know what the children mean by it. Are you the grass city police or just a troll looking for an argument. You won't find it here. There was nothing wrong with me trying to politely help the op, as I did and you ARE misunderstanding. Brea is not the one asking about humidity nor is the op the 1 I made the comment too. Don't tell me my intentions

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