2 dollar bubble hash

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  1. hi GC,

    I've just finished my first harvest and had about 1.5 ounces (42 grams) of trimmings to process. Using Hashmoufs' guide as a base (+rep to him!), I managed to produce 5 grams of very decent bubble hash with a simple lingerie wash bag ($2) and some coffee filters.

    Here are the simple steps to follow:

    1- prepare the ice and place your trimmings in the freezer for an hour
    2- assemble the net in a large bucket using cord/rope/whatever.
    3- fill the bucket with some cold water and leave the whole thing in the fridge for an hour until the water is really cold.
    4- put trimmings in the net, add the ice.
    5- stir for 20/30 min with your power tool of choice
    6- put the bucket back in the fridge and wait for the trichomes to settle at the bottom.
    7- remove the bucket from the fridge and slowly pull the net, squeezing all the water out.
    8- place the bucket back in the fridge and allow to rest for a few hours.
    9- VERY carefully siphon the water out of the bucket using a piece of plastic tube. Make sure you don't suck in the trichomes at the bottom and leave the tip of the tube close to the surface.
    10- When you're getting close to the bottom, stop the siphon and carefully pour the remaining water + trichomes into a coffee filter resting on a strainer. Take your time here!
    11- Wait until all the water has gone through, place the coffee filter on a place and gently scrape out the bubble hash with a spoon.
    12- Let it dry. you're done ;)

    To be fair, I rushed step 6 a bit and probably lost a bit of material there, but overall I'm happy with the result. :smoke:

    Good luck all.

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  2. Not bad, looks pretty good. Seems like a decent yield, how's the potency?
  3. i need one of those lingerie wash bag thats a hell of an idea, them bubble bags are just to exp. for me. n i tried without a bag just usein screens it sucked, iso was ok, but the bho is the way to go i think, but hard to work with.

  4. hey, thanks. Those bags are so easy to work with too. I'm sure with a bit of practice I should get 20% more returns.
  5. looks awesome man!
  6. Damn negro, where did u pick up the lingerie bags? I am also to cheap to buy the real deal, I may skip the coffee filter stage. Nice work my friend

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