2 different looking plants, from the same seed

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  1. Hey, my plants are on day 18, this is my scond attempt at growing and I can easily tell that they are doing much better and are ALOT bigger then my other plants were. The lighting has made a tremendous difference, I could almost tell within a day when I added lights, and recently I changed some out that were 2000k level and some of the shittier 6000k ones for some much better daylight bulbs with bigger wattage, the difference is amazing.

    But to get to the point, check out the leaves on 2 of my plants, they look very different, I thought it was interesting considering they came from the same seed. I dont think one got more or less light then the other either because I do have a runt that didnt have as much light and its behind by like 3-5 days in growth compared to the others.


    And here are some of the rest, I notice these all seem pretty bushy, which I like. I am alo trying to fim so I can 4 way LST but I am not quite sure im doing it right, although my plants are bushing up since I have tried.

  2. 2 plants from the same seed? Or from two different seeds of the same strain?

    Beyond that, I'm not sure what your question is.
  3. Same strain I meant, its bagseed regardless but they were all the same seeds.

    I was just wondering because to I can really tell the difference when I look at my 3 plants which are kinda "lankey" in appearence, oppose to the more thickened ones that seem more fatter. They are all growing great though so thats why I dont think its a matter of some got better light then others, even the skinnier ones are still kinda bushy.

    I prbably should have entitled the thread help me with LST because thats more what im actually looking for, I have been fimming, each plant except one now I plucked the 5th set, but my question is when do I get this 4 way stem, they seem to just be created for side branches.
  4. Many reasons why 2 seeds would results in different-looking plants. First off, if you bought that bag from a dealer then it's possible that you had weed in that bag from more than 1 plant. Even if the same mother, could have different fathers. Even if same mother and father, there are 4 unique possible combinations of their genes, plus genetic variation from those genes (same reason we don't all look like our brothers and sisters).

    To do the 4-way LST you need to start with a topping (not fimming) and tie down the two new tops plus the immediate two branches at the next node down. But there is no magic in the 4-way method, it's a very good and systematic approach but by no means the only one. If you've already fimmed the plant then you should have all kinds of tops, just tie those to an even level and wherever they can get a spot in the canopy.
  5. Ah I see, biology class is coming back to me now about how there can always be several different variations, should have thought about that, interesting.

    I think I was a little confused about topping and fimming I never actually found what they do and mean, I know it creates new growth and all and that both are similar. I will try to find some more info. I will start pinning them down tomorrow then.

    I am pretty sure I fimmed because I have alot of branches just exploding from the areas I pulled it from, but it just doesnt look exactly like the 4 way LST does, I am pretty confused about this some insight would be welcomed, thank you though already for the answers.
  6. I found some more info on it and now I am pretty sure I understand it, thanks.
  7. Sticky thread tutorials on LST, topping, and fimming are at the top of this beginners forum...

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