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    So after I had an anxiety attack and thought my lungs were collapsing I've shied away from cigarettes.

    I was a pack a day smoker and didn't think quitting was even an option - but I'm finding it to be easier than I thought.

    I haven't had a cigarette since Saturday - and even on Saturday I only had about 6.

    Today I was out and about and had the chance to buy a pack several times, somehow I convinced myself not to.

    After driving for a while (I had a bunch of shit to get done today) I finally caved in and bought some dip, and now that I have my nicotine fix I haven't even been thinking about smoking a cig.

    Driving is my biggest weakness, it's when I smoked my most cigarettes. Getting through work tomorrow is going to be another test - I took today off because I stayed up a little too late last night. Hopefully one or two dips a day will be sufficient enough to keep me from smoking.

    I feel good today, I even exercised for a little bit. I'm going to start eating healthy and not being so lazy. I'm hoping that quitting cigs will be a turnaround for my life, just today I took care of all of my bills and obligations so from here it's just keeping up with life I guess. In a way quitting cigarettes is symbolic in my own mind, proving to myself that I can change for the better.

    Wish me luck blades - I think 2009 is going to be a good year.
  2. hey good shit bro

    same here, except i've had a chest cold and can't smoke stoges

    hasn't stopped me from toking, though
  3. Man if you can make it the first 4 or 5 days then your body doesnt even actually NEED cigs anymore. Hang in there man, if you really want to quit, then you will :)
  4. Nice 1. How's your grumpiness factor so far? i quit for 1 day once and became a regular fuckin Hulk :smoke:
  5. Well I haven't been very social so I can't tell. I haven't felt angry or grumpy yet though - we'll see how I do tomorrow at work when I have to be around a bunch of people who piss me off.
  6. I guess I'm lucky with cigs. I have smoked for quite a while (prob a year and a 1/2) but never got addicted. I just took about 2 months off of no smoking and just bought a pack the other day to enjoy while it lasts...

    I got to admit, I do Love smoking though =\
  7. Congrats man, keep it up! I am actually going to live healthier starting tomorrow too, joining a gym and gonna watch what i eat.
  8. I feel you on the lungs part... I bought a pack of marbs back in the wee days of pot smoking and after smoking it, running made my lungs hurt really bad.

    mind you I was smoking pot for about 2 years before this and never had a problem.

    So i said fuck it... haven't smoked boges since.
  9. Good job man, but ya it's hard to quit smoking cigs especially when you have that one terrible day where you just need a cig and buy a pack. And then it starts it all back up again haha.
  10. Good luck man, i quite cold turkey like 2yrs ago this june, and it was one of the best things ive ever done.
  11. Good deal man. Hope you break that filthy habit :)

    I can't say the same for myself, it's been about 15 minutes since my last cigarette :eek:
  12. yeah man, cigarettes really suck.

    Last wednesday is the last time ive boughten a pack making thursday the last day to have my own pack! For some reason since then, i havent had the desire to smoke. Ive hit my friends a couple times today and it really wasnt all that great.]

    i think getting over cigs is the hardest part..just not even wanting them anymore..cuz in reality they suck.:smoke::smoke:
  13. im so proud of yoou!!:hello:
  14. keep it up, dirtypete!
    the fact that you convinced yourself not to buy any today is awesome! now, each time you are tempted to buy a pack from here on out, just tell yourself: if you were strong enough to not buy a pack after one day, what makes you any weaker five days, weeks, or months later?
    my mantra the whole time i was quitting was :the cigarette is dead. i just kept telling myself that they serve absolutey no purpose.
    takes ~3 days to get nicotine out of your system.
    and ~21 days to break a habit.
    after that, you'll be golden, as long as you keep yourself in check.
  15. Never smoked them myself, but I can imagine it would be hard to quit. Good job pete and others for changing their not so great habits. Btw I consider myself to know a lot about exercising, so if you have any questions about it hit me up.
  16. thats wats up bro, i dont remember the last time i went a day without a stogie
  17. keep up the good work dude, cigarettes are proven cancer sticks, just stick to blazin and you'll be good, addictions are hard to kick, but the best way to do that is with some fine herb!

    also dipping isnt too healthy, i wouldnt make it a daily thing, but it gives u a solid buzz

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