2 Day old seedling with no True Leaves.

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  1. I was just wondering if this is a failed plant or not. More information is it’s about an inch tall and is under a 300 watt led light. The light is about 29 inches away from it. The temp in the grow room is at a constant 78 and I don’t know what the humidity is. If you need more information I will gladly provide it.
  2. can you post a picture of the plant? it would help a lot in being able to understand whats going on.
  3. pic would help....do the cotyledons look to be ok?
  4. Yea here it is. I had some other people from a different forum tell me that it was a mutant and also that the soil was packed too tight.

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  5. Here’s the pic for you.

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  6. It has since been transplanted to a much more suitable soil and I can start to see the Growth of the true leaves coming in. If it doesn’t work out then I have another seedling that is doing much better.
  7. Ummm.......WHERE did you get the seed from??
  8. We are talking about marijuana here right?

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