2 Cubic Foot Tent For Mother Plant - Advice?

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    My tent is 1'x1'x2'. It is to serve one purpose: keep one or two mother plants alive to provide me with 8-9 clones every 3 months. I've got a separate cloning area and a BCNL Producer for veg and flower. Grow Journal Here!

    Here is a photo of the unit with a beer for size perspective (and for me to drink minutes after taking the photo. It was delicious).


    And another photo because people love photos....


    The plant in the photo is just for demonstration purposes, it is not a mother. I will be cutting three 2-3" clones tonight to get some mothers.

    My questions;
    1. Should I use a shallow but wide container for the soil(less mix)?
    2. Should I grow one or two plants as a mother? Replacing this genetic wouldn't be easy.
    3. Is a scrog a good idea for creating clones in a small space?
    4. I am a micro grow newb, do you see any immediate problems with my plan?
  2. Oh ya, I had the wrong size fan. The correct size arrives on Monday.
  3. your way more then good to go.you could hold 4 in there.you'll have way more then you stated you'll need in that 3 month's time limited .you'll need to mow the lawn about every 3 weeks
  4. Thanks guys. I cut 4 clones yesterday. I'm going to put the survivors into the tent as soon as they root and start aggressively training them.

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