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2 cops and a rcmp dispatch are my neighbors...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gotalighter?, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. ok so i live in a duplex, been here for years never talked to my neighbors about there personal life and what they do for a living we would just chatter about small talk like the weather and shit.

    Anyway just a few days ago i found out the neighbor on the other side of my duplex Is a cop, on the next property over the duplex next to my house, is a cop, and across the street a dispatcher lives (when you call 911 she is one of people who answers the phone)

    I only discovered this cause they decided to scare me...they saw me blazing one day...and the two cops walked over casually not in uniform...started talking about my smoking...than they pulled out badges and i was like oooooooooooh shit. they laughed and said its ok, we dont fuck with stoners.

    We got to talking and they told me they knew but didnt care, there part of law enforcement against prohibition, one had NEVER arrested a cannabis user and the other used to be super against it but he started seeing the damage he caused by arresting people who smoke, which led to research, which led to him changing his views entirely. and hasnt since than.


    My neighbors are awesome cops, scared the shit out of me by pretending i was in trouble, than told me they were against prohibition and perfectly ok with a stoner for a neighbor :)

    Canadian cops ftw :)

    Anyone else know cool cops?
  2. Just don't start selling.
  3. Never part of the plan haha :)

    Sick avatar btw hahahaha
  4. And you bought that?
  5. One of my best friends is cop I knew him before he was a cop and hes seen me do all sorts of stuff that I shouldnt. He sits around us when we smoke and is cool with it he always leves before the smoke gets to thick though. LOL at me trying to vague.

  6. Why wouldnt i? Not all cops are total assholes ya know..

  7. HA all good on the vagueness. Thats awesome, i knew there were a few cops out there who were cool didnt expect them to be my neighbors though
  8. Naive and gullible. How old are? They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  9. #9 Gotalighter?, Mar 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2012
    paranoid and sad. How old are you?

    Edit: and im not paranoid cause if they were going to bust me it would have been right than, i was outside my door smoking, had my bong, and a bag of weed with me. Im not a dealer either so nothing to worry about there.
  10. Well, can they even get you when they're off duty?
  11. Citizens arrest so technically yeah they can.
  12. I dont think so no, i have extreme doubts anything negative will come from this anyway. just a interesting conversation.

    They also bring me cookies every year on christmas and have since we moved in :)

    I guess i was wrong.

  13. Its a bit awkward sometimes, like I have friends who grow and I probably know some people the police would be interested in. But he used to hang around the same group as me so we very rarely talk about stuff like that. Every so often though he tells me wicked stories about busts and car chases. Hes the main reason ive never tried growing because then his plausible deniability would go out the window. I dont mind though hes good friend. :D
  14. [quote name='"aceguitar"']Naive and gullible. How old are? They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.[/quote]

    You're seriously a sad person if you think he's naive and gullible. If they were going to bust him they would have? Some people..

  15. Thank you, i understand being paranoid but use common sense too. Not everyones out to fuck everyone else.

    And i live in canada, its known for being leniant ( sp) on possession and smoking.

    Im sure in cali or colorado mmj states there are a fair share of good cops around as well

  16. damn but that has gotta lead to some interesting stories though for sure!
  17. It's Canada dude. You would have been in the slammer if you were in the US. Lucky lol

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