2 cooltubes 600w inline, m3/h?

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  1. Hello, forum

    Lets say there are 2 cooltubes with 600w, that will blow completely out of the room, what kind of extractor fan should be used? Lets say, will 500m3/h will be enough to suck both cooltubes and blow the air outside? If not, how many m3/h to look into?

    We dont talk about a tent but a room.

    Forgive me for any mistakes as its my first post (i used search and google)
  2. need the size of your grow room or tent
  3. the whole room is 13 feet by 26 feet (4mx8m), the growing area 13 by 6 feet(4mx2m) and 10 feet tall(3m) seperated from the rest of the room with reflecting material but not completely to the top, this way some heat will escape to the rest of the room. Smell is not a problem here, only the heat in the cooltubes is. I need to keep both cooltubes cool with 1 extractor fan which will be turned off when the lights are off.

    I will circulate the air through another extractor when the lights and their extractor are off.

    My question again is how many m3/h extractor i have to buy for 2 cooltubes connected together to keep them cool enough not to project extreme heat and burn everything.
  4. I don't really know if there is a cfm rating for just lights. I would assume it would be very little especially if the lights were in a loop out of the room

    I remember someone posting something about adding cfm rating when wattage went up. I'll start looking for that

    another reason I wouldn't assume it needed much of a fan is because those turn key grow boxes have super small fans for their lights. But then the grow area ha it's own fan

    just a total guess 50 cfm's for each light. So a 100 cfm rated fan. Let's see how close I get
  5. i have tried a 160 cfm toilet extractor fan, as a test, connected to blow on a 600w cooltube for 15 minutes and the results were not very satisfying, i think it radiated alot of heat, the cooltube was also very hot to the touch, however my own experience with 600w lights is limited. I am not sure how hot the cooltube is supposed to get. I dont want to burn my lamps and plants because of heat, neither my house, thats all
  6. Definately use the cool tube. And a inline fan. Not a fan just blowing toward the light

    and your light is suppose to be like 16 inches away from your plants. If the light is too hot on your hand at that distance it's too hot for you plant

    still looking
  7. I did connect the cooltube with the extractor fan, but it was blowing the air through the cooltube not sucking, thats what i meant

    thanks for your help
  8. i found a post on some other forum of somebody that used a 435cfm fan to suck the heat out of 2 1000w cooltubes and said that the results were great

    i think that post answeared my question so i am letting you know
  9. thats a six inch fan... get a speed controller as well.. or a thermo controller... shoot to a local hydro shop...

    speed controller bout 40
    thermo controller bout 60

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