2 Clones: One AWESOME and One Not doing as well...HELP!

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  1. Alrighty here is my problem:

    I have a hydro system, 10 gallon tub (6 gallons filled), currently at 500ppm, 400w HP bulb. I had 3 clones; one died. Out of the other two: One is doing AWESOME and the other is not. I was told that the strain is "Purple"; don't know more than that. So far I am at day 18 after receiving clones in rockwool. Pics:



    Not so good:

    Good roots:

    These roots are trying...growing a little more each day:

    The full system as a reference:

    The bigger one is growing more and more everyday and the other one continues to keep it's yellow look. I assume that the spots on the leaves are from the light burn. I have been misting the leaves on the smaller one in hopes that the roots would grow faster. What should I do? Is there a nute deficiency? Should I just let it grow and see what happens? Let me know! Thanks!

    EDIT: Just changed PH from 6.7 to 5.9. PPM is at 495.
  2. i could be wrong but looks like you dont have many roots on the one thats sick.if the other one is ok dont change anything.
  3. You are correct, for some reason the clone that is doing great was able to build it's root system at a much faster rate than the other clone. Like I said, the other clones root system is developing more every day. Im hoping the problem clears itself up, but I have no idea. It's my first time...
  4. the plant looks to sick to recover.but i hope iam wrong.good luck
  5. btw. problems dont clear them self up.
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    The roots on the sick one look nice and white. Did you flush out the rockwool before you put the clone in it? If you didnt pour about 1/2-1 gallon of water directly on the rockwool to flush it out. I've had the same problem before.

    The roots look real healthy though so I have hopes that it will recover, you just need to keep the pH stable and maybe put plain water in the res for a while.

    edit: The healthy one isnt completely healthy. What are you feeding them? Also try to get the pH to around the 5.5-5.8 range, it really makes a difference. Good luck.
  7. I agree. From houseplants I've grown, hopefully the smaller one recovers. Its roots seem like they're trying, so with a flushing and some water in its system hopefully it'll recover, though it may not look too pretty if it does. The other one is also drooping and yellowing a bit, so my guess is get your solution right and maybe they'll recover fully.

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