2 "busts" in Texas lead to only finding 1 plant.

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  1. That shits gotta be a typo. Maybe they accidentally added another 0. Cause thats nucking futs
  2. Haha!

    Yes, $6,000 an ounce.

    What kinda backwards ass place was this again?
  3. Wow. Im sure all the inbred locals believe it too.

    Prolly the work of this guy

  4. wow even in the video they said 6000 an ounce, them nigg a's trippin. just some old folks growin their own stash and these pig fuckers throw em in jail and charge them? WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA.
  5. This is not a spurpise, the cops ALWAYS make up soem outrageous number to make it look like they are doing well. Whats the most a seed goes for? 20 USD each from an overpriced seed bank? Was the plant even mature? One plant that probably didnt even contain that much buds. They probably just weight the whole damn pot, soil and all to come up with that shit. And seemingly inncoent old men, too. They are saying 6000 an OUNCE FOR A PLANT WTF!
  6. Imagine what the weed would look like if it were really to cost 6k an Oz. that would be $215 a gram :eek:
  7. Wow that's gotta be some storng shiz then.
  8. 6,000 an ounce. Ignorant fucks. Everyone who is against the use of MJ, is just straight ignorant. Us, the potheads, laugh at the feds for claiming shit like this. Fucking losers have no idea whats up.
  9. In the article it says the plants dont produce stems lol.
  10. damn! 6,000 an ounce!?! thats fuckin cheap! i have been gettin ripped off!

    epic lulz

  11. I know lol. No stems or seeds? How would people still be growing it? And more importantly, how does it stay on the plant? fucking LOL
  12. Did you read that last fucking paragraph? They tried to compare the people who were probably growing it for themselves, for medicinal purposes, to some crackheads trying to make some money. Shit like this makes me sick.
  13. My favorite part is "The dried leaves produce a high-dollar drug"

  14. stop stop it hurts oh god it hurts... i hate laughing while having a cold but man i read this post and fell outta my chair

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    Either police are FUcking ReTaRtED or could this be a little exagerated...EDIT: DONT READ ANY MORE you know, just to keep the fucking vegetable who watch CNN thinking cops are keeping them safe. Yeah...good job busting those three 60 year old men who had that huge pot farm going. Oh and did i mention...It was a mother plant! that means that it could be used to clone more plants! Holy Shit! This was like the biggest fucking drug opperation since fucking Al Capone.........Dear GOD....$6,000 and ounce? This isn't meth you ignorant fat ass Texan PIG next time your on TV say something that wasn't on a teleprompter. "produce plants free of stems and seeds". what the hell? k, no seeds, just means it's a female plant, but uhhhhhhhh no stems, so apparently they were just growing the leaves and buds?,I want some of THAT shit! "HYDROPONIC" i bet 2 out of 3 drunk Texans that hear that word have the same exact thought..." Hydrawut? Damn Hippies and their damn hidropawn...*hic*s.....always goin around smokin their damn devil weed! Drink beer you fucks!"
  16. Only in Texas, the pigs there are nothing but ignorant inbreed
    fucktards! those poor old guys are sittin in jail over nothing:mad:. why dont these guys make themselves usefull bustin meth labs and crack dealers, a lil weed never hurt anyone.
    WTF! This is just a prime example of texan taxpayer $ down the drain.

  17. Actually seeds only grow on the female plant. Male cannabis plants produce pollen sacks, and if some of those sacks burst and spread onto the femals, then those female plants will produce [some, or depending on how much it pollen it is exposed to] seed in the buds.

    What im thinking here is, they show that its just a plant, is easy to grow, cheap[it is, but they dont say it],ect. ANd THEN say how dangerous and illegal it is! Tell me one other natural plant flower that can be smoked, gets you high, and is ACTUALLY dangerous and illegal? One cant.
    Ignorance is bliss. To them at least....
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    Favorite part. It's not a damn meth lab we're talking about. For god sakes, the way the media spreads lies. It's a plant, does it look harmful at all?'

    Haha, again they make it seem like they were cooking up chemicals like meth labs would contain..

    Lol and I think the news guy in the video is gay.
  19. Reminds me of Benson.
    "Go bust a meth lab you pussies!"

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