2 brothers fist fight over getting high

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  1. So my friend called S is going back to Europe today and we decided to throw a kickback in his honor, so we were all chillen at my friends sisters house. This friends name is C. So we decoded to go to a nearby park to kick it for no reason, I already burned a cigiweed earlier before o got there so we weren't toing at the park. While were there my friends Cs brother comes up to me an smells my fingers seeing if I smoked. Funny thing is we didn't, when we finally got back to he house cause security came and told us the park was closed Cs brother (well call him fag) tarts claiming that C got high at the park and that's the reason we went there. Pretty much hey started fighting like straight up fist fighting over nothing. The thing is C wasn't high, he quit toking a week ago. So here they are punching each other in the face like sock em bop em robots over nothing, my friends hop in and break up the fight and as fag is walking away he spits out some blood, C saids " yah spitout hat blood" and bam fag runs hops over a car hood and and he's landing C connects a hit straight to that faggots right cheek bone cutting him under the eye. Bam my friends jump in again and this time my friend tryig to break up the fight gets socked in the face by fag too. Now I can't believe this shit is happening and what surprises me is how these people see us stoners as bad people yet here's a totally sober clean person whoa considered "good" yet he beats up his younger brother. I'm sorry but it's evident who's a piece of shit and whos not.

    This whole stories ironic cause we didn't smoke at the park yet my friend who was totally sober got beatup by his older brother.
  2. not good for your friend, but good for storytelling purpose lol thats some funny shit...
  3. yeaa man. i beat my older brothers ass for making my mom cry histerically. never felt better about anything in my life cuz he used to beat me up all the time, n now im the fuckin man of the house
  4. So wait, why the fuck was he pissed off that C got high at the park? Does he not approve of it or something?

    Either way that's some funny shit, especially when he hops back over the hood, haha:D

    No offense if anybody got hurt or anything, I just like picturing the whole fight happening, funny stuff:hello:
  5. good shit dude

  6. exactly, he doesnt approve so he thinks he has a reason to beat his bros ass. its just a scapegoat cause this guy hates all his bros and always wants to fight them.

  7. Valid point op, valid point.
  8. I give this thread a stiff thumb up*

  9. Never break up a fight between brothers.
  10. Truth!

    In highschool I had two friend that were twins, and they always fought.

    I Witnessed some pretty funny shit watching those two duke it out. Another friend in our group was the enabler. He would always say shit to one of them to get them all riled up.

  11. yah i dunno the wya i see it is their brothers and they need to release their anger, so let them.

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