2 Bongs in one month

Discussion in 'General' started by Happysack, May 5, 2006.

  1. Well I just moved into my new house may 1st, by the end of the night I had most of my stuff unpacked, I was setting up all my glass and making sure everything made it alright, well 1 of the bongs didnt the bottom broke out but the bong was really thing glass and it wasnt a huge deal none the less that was the first time ive had a piece break on me :(

    Today I got up planned on cleaning all my glass which is a task in its self heh, first thing I went to clean was my bigger bong 2.5ft, I had a little bit of trouble getting the slide to come out yet still being very carful tryed getting it out well after 2 good pulls I hear that unpleasent sound of money going down the drain, I thought maybe the slide cracked off the back of the bong (I was praying the slide broke not the bong) well it was the sound of the part that holds the slide in place breaking :(

    This new house has brought me nothing but bad luck with glass!

    I did manage to tape up the bigger bong a little and it pulls ok but it looks like shit with the tape on it.

    Well toke one for me GC, im outa bud hopefully I can pull together an O tonight after work :smoke:

    Edit:Sorry pics are huge Ill try to resize.





  2. Those are a couple of unique looking bongs, sucks to lose 'em.

    But since you can't change what already happened, I guess you could look on the bright side: now you get to buy a new bong!
  3. ^^ The second one is from GC acually, it sucks to loss them but I do intend on replacing both when I get a new job, I got layed off 2 days before I moved into my new house heh streak of bad luck I supose but eh o well I got a pizza delivery job for now till I can find somthing full time.

    Sorry pics arent resizing right for some reason
  4. couldn't have said it better myself!

  5. Wow thats some really thin glass for GC. Sux to hear you're loss.
  6. Those pictures broke my heart....
  7. that sucks man, good luck finding a new job

    most of the glass i have seen from gc is that thin
  8. did you save the piece that broke off of the big bong?

    you could probably 2-part epoxy it back on and it will work just fine.
  9. I found 1 of the bigger chunks that flew off it, I cant find one of them its somewhere and im sure ill find it in my foot some time soon heh.

    One the plus side its friday im high as a kite and the bong is working semi good taped up, it looks gheto but thats ok for now.:smoke:

    Thanks floyd, I acually did find one today amazingly got a call going in monday so happy times! :)

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