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2 bong choices help

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by mynameiswho, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. So I'm in the market for a bong, i made a thread before and got some info and did some more searching. Im still going to make a trip to my local stores but i found 2 bongs im greatly interested in. One is 290 and ones 340. Both luke wilson inline double perc with a 10 arm tree. Ones 14" and ones 19". The larger one has an ice catch as well as a thicker diffuser. The more expensive one is the larger one. Do you really think i need a 19" or would i be just as happy saving the 50$ and going with the 14"
  2. The more expensive one fore sure, it's a hell of a better deal if i read it right. Ice catchers and a diffy, plus 5 extra inches of tube?! That's not even a question.... lol
  3. x2
    I vote the larger.
  4. I dont care much for tall tubes, but the taller one is simply a better deal for the price and features.
  5. i personally enjoy smaller tubes.

    large ones are a pain to clean and be mobile with
  6. I would kick the extra 50 in for sure, sounds like a good deal.
  7. the smaller one uses 32mm bore tubing, it's a mini not just a shorter tube.
  8. Yeah if youre gonna spend that much id spend the extra $50 and get the bigger tube.
  9. ello,
    well personally the least expensive one sounds desent enough.
    i mean bigger is not always better.... well yes it is but not when it comes to saving money; you can take that saved money and get urself a nice sack and break in ur new bong.. :]
    thats what i would do. :cool:
  10. if someone's paying ~$300 for some glass, i'm going to assume they want it to be better than "desent enough"

    btw, decent is spelled with a 'c', not 's'
  11. This. I personally like a bigger bore so I would get the larger one.

    ignorance is bliss

    maybe he grows pot and doesn't need to buy some. thats why he asked which one should i get, not do you think i spend less and buy weed. welcome to the city
  12. I would personally choose the smaller bong. Keep in mind if you like bowl cruising its a pain to hit a 19" bong in the front seat of a coupe haha. But its a good deal for an extra $50. Do they look the same aesthetic wise?

  13. as do i, so i picked up the larger one, i just wish the double perc was in stock, maybe next month...

    driving back home tonight with my guy, already has a half waiting for me:hello:. will post some milks and a review when i get back
  14. I would get the larger one, 32mm bore may not be mini but its pretty small.
  15. im actually in the same boat im trying to decide between the lw mini inline or the larger inline. personally i like the smaller bore tubes, i think they clear faster, and most of my slides are 14mm so i'll more than likely go w/ the mini just for that purpose. or i could simply get a reducing bushing for the larger one... hell i might just flip a damn coin and leave it to chance.
  16. wow well from what im reading the only reason to go with the smaller one is if you prefer a smaller tube (i really dont care) or if you want to be able to have the bong be more easily moved about (trail blazing ect). Considering i live on my own 75% of the year the bong is always going to be at my place, my roomate and i have pipes for smoking when not at our house. I guess im going to get the bigger one :D

    thanks for all the input guys it really helped me decide between the two. Im hitting up my local shops this weekend, if nothing catches my eye i will place an order
  17. keep in mind as well, bigger bongs are easier to knock over...
  18. yeah i have thought about this. Even though im about to drop nearly 400$ on a bong likeits not a big deal it still is to me. Im super frugal for the most part so this thing will always be either near me where no one is or in someones hands. If no one is using it its going back into the bag and in a safe spot. I am going to be a hawk when it comes to smoking with this bong and my friends, i have no problem constantly reminding people to be careful with it because regardless of me being a buzzkill or something, its my really expensive piece and i want people to respect that and be mindful when handling it. Its not going to be left on a table or anything like that. Either the floor or the bag haha ive thought this through a lot

  19. id love to hear your review, feel free to pm me with the thread when you post it

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